How to Stop Feeling Exhausted After Work

Chances are, you have thought about going to the gym or doing something active after work, but you’re just too tired when the workday ends. This feeling of being tired extends further into your evening and prevents you from making a home-cooked meal or doing anything fun with your family. Not having energy after work is something that is experienced by a huge part of our population.

So many people can’t even put their finger on the fact that they are tired because they don’t know what it feels like to have energy. They are basically just determining if they are slightly tired or very tired rather than ever experiencing a sense of drive or energy. It doesn’t need to be this way. In fact, there are many ways to stop feeling exhausted after work, and that’s what we will be discussing today. But first, if you’re in need of custom stress balls or are just thinking about buying stress balls online, you should take a look at our shop.

Let’s get started.

Unscatter Your Brain

Here’s the problem. When we don’t manage our emotions and end up being lost in feelings of worry, anxiety, and other negative thoughts, we experience a huge decrease in overall levels of energy. Have some mini-meetings with yourself throughout the day and ask yourself how you’re feeling. Quiet your mind and just do some deep breathing (maybe use a stress ball while you’re at it!). This is proven to increase feelings of positivity, leading to less stress and a more focused mind. With peace comes energy.

Blood Sugar Level Changes

You don’t need to have diabetes in order to experience noticeable effects on your body that come from changes in your blood sugar level. If you catch yourself feeling sluggish and irritable, ask yourself if your blood sugar could be part of the culprit. One thing that you could do is eat small snacks throughout the day along with making eating decisions based on foods that are low on the glycemic index.

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Drink More Water

The majority of people in the United States don’t drink nearly the amount of water that they should drink every way. To be fair, the recommended amount does sound rather high at 3.7 liters per day for the general person. But most people drink much, much less than that. In addition, for those who are in the office environment, turning to coffee and soda is commonplace. Unfortunately, dehydration is a side effect of both coffee and soda. When the coffee and sugar buzz is over, being thirsty comes along with feelings of exhaustion

Stay Away From Fluorescent Lights

This is something that you have full control over when you work at home, but in the office, it’s another story. It can be awkward to voice your concern to management or HR, but being stuck under fluorescent lights is a real energy drainer. There are a few potential solutions. This includes direct changes in lighting, having your workstation be moved to an area away from fluorescent lights, or taking walks throughout the workday to help the brain adjust.

Get More Active

Unless you’re already burning lots of calories as part of your work, chances are you could totally benefit from getting more active. Some people think that if they don’t do much moving throughout the day it will help them for later when they intend to be doing something active. It’s actually not true. Being sedentary simply brings more of itself. Your brain actually uses a lot of energy in order to make reports, send emails, etc.

One thing that you can do is take a job right after you get home. Rather than exhaust you, it has the ability to invigorate you. Find an amount of energy excursion that works for you to bring feelings of drive without feeling like you just did a marathon.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to feel exhausted after work anymore. Instead, you can feel energized and invigorated by incorporating some of today’s tips. I know we said it earlier, but if you are interested in custom stress balls, our shop is one of the best places on the internet to get what you need. If you have any questions, you can contact us at or by calling us at (704) 291-3028

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