Are You Ready for Some Promotional Stress Balls?

Across the United States, we’re about to see the return of an annual national epidemic. Every fall, there’s a strange ailment that causes people to lock themselves inside their homes on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday evenings (or all four!), live on snack foods, and glue their eyes to their TVs. It’s football fever, of course, and it comes in several different forms. As the overlapping seasons for high school, college, and professional football begin, there is a great opportunity for your organization to capitalize on football fever and attract a little attention to itself. Our catalog offers quite a few different options for combining football with the success of promotional stress balls, a strategy that has proven successful for schools, non-profit organizations, and companies alike that want to get their message into the homes of potential supporters or customers. Let’s kick things off!

Promotional Stress Balls: Football Options

In the NFL, it’s very important that all the footballs used in official games be exactly the same. But there is no such rule when it comes to designing promotional stress balls to market your organization during football season! At, we provide football stress balls of various sizes, ranging from three inches up to five inches. You can also choose from 14 different eye-catching colors, matching your promotional campaign to your company’s signature color. Of course, you’ll want to print your organization’s name and/or logo on your stress balls, making them look even better and turning them into great reminders of your services for the people that you interact with.

Our special digital camouflage football, available in small and large, is another great choice for your order of logo stress balls. If you make it a point to support our amazing military whenever you have an opportunity to do so, you’ll want to give these great promotional items a closer look. They look incredible by themselves, but when you imprint your organization’s logo on them with our flexible, durable imprint colors, it will be impossible for anyone to walk by your table without stopping for a closer look.

A Touchdown for Any Organization

A lot of the customers we work with are looking for promotional stress balls that their company can distribute at trade shows or conferences. With one opportunity to speak face to face with potential business contacts, it’s great to be able to toss them a logo stress ball in the shape of a football, a souvenir that they’ll be sure to keep around the office throughout football season and beyond. And if your sales representatives need some help starting conversations with visitors to their exhibit, a football is just the thing. Most football fans are more than eager to tell you about their favorite team, their favorite player, and who’s going to the Big Game this season.

Obviously, football logo stress balls are also perfect for athletic support organizations and schools that need a fun, inexpensive way to connect with students, teachers, parents, and the larger community.  It’s very easy for schools to get their logo imprinted on camo or school-color footballs, then order a shipment in time for the next big home game. If that date sneaks up on you, don’t worry; we have you covered! You can get free 3-day or even 1-day shipping on standard orders so that your boosters have something to give away to the team’s loyal fans.

Our camo football stress balls do anything but blend into the background!

Our camo football stress balls do anything but blend into the background!

Non-profit organizations, particularly those associated with health and fitness, can also capitalize on football fever. Our large football stress balls are especially useful for encouraging kids to get outside and play, rather than spending the day in front of the TV—unless their favorite team happens to be playing football, that is! Your clinic, hospital, cancer charity, or community health organization will continue to make an impact on the families in your area as they keep your fun, long-lasting promotional stress balls around the house.

Other Football-Related Logo Stress Balls

Maybe you’ve already done football stress ball promotions in the past and are looking for something a little different, or maybe you want something more specifically related to your company or group’s mission. Just search our catalog for “footballs,” and you’ll find some very interesting possibilities! For this season’s promotion, perhaps a football helmet stress ball or our cute “mad cap” figure will be the key to connecting with your audience. We also have key chains, yo-yos, and the always-popular color-changing footballs that amaze and delight the younger fans. These items regularly go on sale, giving you the chance to launch a promotional stress ball campaign for an even smaller investment! Another great creative option is our patriotic football, a beautiful promotional stress ball decorated with the stars and stripes. You can celebrate both football and our great country while scoring a touchdown for your company’s marketing strategy at the same time.

Football will continue to dominate the sports headlines and the weekly schedules of high school athletes until early spring, but after that you’ll need a few more ideas to refresh your promotional item giveaways. Not to worry! In our online catalog you’ll find more great logo stress balls in the shape of basketballs, baseballs, hockey pucks, golf balls, soccer balls, and many more. Plan ahead and coordinate your stress ball promotions with the seasonal sports schedules to stay on the radar of all the sports fans that visit your home games, conference table, race tent, or office.

Staying Relevant with Promotional Stress Balls

Obviously, connecting your promo campaign with sporting events is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of advertising possibilities. As you look through our online catalog of logo stress balls, you will find hundreds of creative designs and shapes, many of them with customizable options that allow them to reflect your organization’s style as closely as if it were created in-house. Take a look today, discover just what’s possible for your company’s next giveaway event, and score a touchdown with your contacts!

Cheap Stress Balls Are Just What You’ve Been Looking For

As you well know, the word “cheap” has two meanings, at least in modern-day usage. It can mean that something is low-quality and will soon fall apart, or it can simply mean that something has a low price tag. On one hand, we don’t like calling our products “cheap stress balls,” because that can give the impression that they will fall apart quickly. And as you know, representing your company, organization, school, or non-profit with promotional items that fall apart quickly does you more harm than good.

Instead of “cheap stress balls,” we would prefer a term like “high-quality, low-cost” or “amazingly cost-effective.” The truth is that our stress balls, while cheap in price, do just want you want your promotional products to do once they leave your hands and travel to the home or office of your contacts. They last for a long, long time, holding up under even the most stressed office employee’s brutal squeezes! Here are a few of the key ways our cheap stress balls prove that they are worth far more than the money you invest in them.

Great for Limited Promotional Budgets

While we do work with our share of large corporations, filling bulk orders for many thousands of stress balls, many of our clients are smaller groups with much more limited budgets than that. A school’s athletic booster program, for instance, is often interested in investing a small amount of money but obtaining a fun, memorable souvenir to send home with supporters and families. A non-profit group can use cheap stress balls printed with the organization’s logo to keep their worthy cause in the forefront of people’s minds long after they come into personal contact with them at a community fair, blood drive, 5k benefit race, or other event.

It would be extremely difficult to find a product that strikes a better balance between affordability and effectiveness than stress balls. Getting your stress balls personalized with your organization’s logo and name is very inexpensive, and our high quality printing ensures that the logo will not rub off as your contacts toss, squeeze, kick, and practice their juggling skills on your souvenirs. Perhaps most importantly, the huge catalog of stress ball designs on our website gives your group the chance to find one or more perfect fun, whimsical, and memorable stress balls to represent your cause…at the right price for your limited budget.

Compared to What Else You Could Do…

When you think about buying a large batch of stress balls—even cheap stress balls—and then just giving them away, it may seem like a strange way to use your marketing budget. It’s a much different strategy than advertising your company’s services on television, a billboard, printed mailers, or even online. But your hesitation will probably disappear when you start thinking through just what those stress balls are going to continue doing for you once you give them away so generously. They’re going to sit patiently on potential customer’s desks and car dashboards, quietly placing your logo and name in front of those individuals to remind them that you are available to serve them. Imagine being able to install a tiny billboard on a potential client’s desk, and you’ll start to get the idea!

Of course, we aren’t suggesting that you replace your company’s entire advertising strategy with millions of cheap stress balls and massive giveaway campaigns. But the cost of a stress ball giveaway is so low that most companies wouldn’t have any trouble fitting it in alongside the other marketing activities that they are already conducting. They’re easy to keep in stock for surprise advertising opportunities, distribute to sales reps traveling to clients’ offices, and hand out to those kids who unexpectedly show up on “take your children to work day.”

Cheap Stress Balls

One of our more creative stress balls—a green dumpster!

Another important strategy with this low-cost, high-quality promotional item is to place customized orders for seasonal marketing and special events. In our blog archives, you’ll find some great ideas for commemorating monthly observances with cheap stress balls and capitalizing on the American obsession with sports to promote your business or organization.

Trade Show Season is Coming!

The end of the summer is just over the horizon, and as we all know, September marks the beginning of the hectic trade show season. Don’t make the mistake that you may or may not have made last year, waiting until it’s too late to devise your trade show marketing strategy and placing orders for everything it includes. Now is the time to take a look at our catalog, identify the designs that would immediately catch the eye of people walking by your exhibit, and send us your logo so that we can show you what your completed, effective, cheap stress balls will look like. That’s yet another way these items can relieve stress: by helping you relax before plunging into the trade show circuit!

Just in case your first trade show does sneak up on you, we also offer free rush service. You can read the details about our rush service on our website, but this is a huge money-saver for those times that you desperately need something to send home with contacts at an event that is suddenly just days away. This helps you keep your cheap stress balls cheap, even when you need them right away.

High Quality Cheap Stress Balls Within Your Grasp

Whatever your organization, non-profit, school, or business needs to promote, we’re fairly sure you will find the perfect cheap stress balls for the job in our massive online catalog. There’s a stress ball to represent every interest, hobby, and sport, plus a few truly oddball stress balls that would definitely attract attention and generate some interesting conversation!

We wholeheartedly invite you to click over to our catalog, browse the many cheap stress balls we offer, and picture your organization’s logo printed on them with high quality, durable ink. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the easy ordering process!

What’s this Stress that Logo Stress Balls Help With?

When you read that email from a customer that’s misunderstood your communication with them…or you’ve just gotten off the phone after a frustrating call with your boss…or the person in the cubicle next to you is drumming on the cubicle wall again…you reach for one of those logo stress balls on your desk and start squeezing. And you start to feel a little better, but why? What is it about a stress ball that actually helps relieve stress? More importantly, what is stress itself?

Today, we’d like to look into those two questions a little bit. Of course, this is no technical medical explanation of the nature of stress, but you can help yourself out a lot by understanding how stress works and why simple objects like logo stress balls have the ability to disperse it. Here goes!

What is Stress?

Ever since the term “stress” entered the field of psychology, it has been surrounded by controversy. The word had been used long before that point, of course, to refer to strain or pressure on a physical object: think of a “stress fracture” of a bone or a “stress test” designed to find out how much pressure a building or other object can endure before breaking. If you transfer that idea to the area of psychology, you can get some idea of what most people mean when they refer to stress or being “stressed out.” But the confusion arises when you try to get more specific than that. Is “stress” the outside factor that causes the problem? Is it the individual’s mental response to that factor? Or is it the body’s physical response to the mind’s reaction to the outside factor? Sorting out these different viewpoints would be interesting, but outside the scope of this blogpost. For now, let’s consider stress to be the “whole package”: outside factors as well as our mind and body’s response to them.

Stress is Healthy (Sometimes)

Although it might be hard for you to believe, stress is a positive thing for human beings. When you are confronted by a situation that challenges you, the feeling of stress is what prompts your mind and body to kick into a higher gear to meet the challenge. Increased blood flow and oxygen supply, higher brain focus, and sweat production to cool the body are a few examples of physical changes that happen to prepare your body and brain to meet a challenge. The trouble comes when our lifestyle presents us with numerous, consistent challenges that our body responds to with these stress responses. Those responses, when prolonged and repeated, take a toll on the body and can lead to stomach ulcers, fatigue, and other health problems. In the long term, beating stress is all about convincing our bodies that every phone call, email, and annoying cubicle partner is not a situation that calls for a drastic stress response!

Why Logo Stress Balls Work

Psychologists tell us that one of the biggest factors impacting whether or not a situation stresses us out is our feeling of control. If we think we are in control of the situation, we don’t feel that we need the added focus, blood flow, and oxygen supply of the stress response. If we think we are out of control, though, we do. And that idea of control is one of the reasons why logo stress balls, although they are very simple, have the ability to relieve stress.

Logo Stress Balls

Increased sweat production is part of the body’s response to stress.

Even if a situation is out of your control, you can restore some sense of control by getting your hands on a stress ball and squeezing it. You know, of course, that controlling that stress ball isn’t having an effect on the larger situation, but directing your brain’s attention toward a smaller, simpler situation that it is able to control is usually enough to slow or stop the physical stress responses.

But there’s another reason logo stress balls work, and it’s more direct. One of the ways your body responds to a difficult challenge is by building tension. Think of stretching a rubber band out before you shoot it at that annoying cubicle partner, or pulling a bowstring back before shooting an arrow at a target. If you need to use physical energy to meet a challenge, that tension is very useful, but if you’re just reading an email, it works against you. Squeezing a stress ball is the equivalent of slowly releasing that bowstring without shooting the arrow, or putting that rubber band down instead of creating a red welt on the back of your cubicle partner’s neck. The physical tension release helps your body get back to its normal condition and accomplish the work ahead of it with a more relaxed approach.

Capitalizing on the Power of Logo Stress Balls

As you can see, these little soft, squeezable objects are more than just something to take up room on your desk. They serve a real purpose and have a demonstrable effect on the body when tension is causing it to “lock up.” With the stress that the average employee feels coming at him or her from every angle, they might feel that having logo stress balls in the car, on the desk, and even at home is a very helpful benefit!

Stocking logo stress balls customized to reflect your company’s name and image is a great idea, whether you are planning for a busy season of trade shows or just looking for something to hand out to visitors to your location year round. Keep in mind that each time that stressed-out office manager grabs your customized stress ball, gives it a few squeezes, and immediately feels a little better, your company has provided a small but welcome service for him. When he needs the services that your company provides, he’s likely to remember your name and give you a call.

To learn more about our wide range of logo stress balls and customization options available, email or call us today!

Custom Stress Balls for Every Month

Custom stress balls are great tools for getting your company’s brand into the cubicles, offices, cars, and homes of your potential customers. Some businesses and organizations, however, may have a hard time figuring out just what type of custom stress balls are a good fit for them. It may be easy to come up with one or two designs that reflect your services, but where can you go from there? One way to branch out and continue attracting the attention of people is to keep an eye on the calendar of monthly observances. You’re probably already familiar with women’s history month and no-shave November, but every month has several observances, some more serious or silly than others. Each month, these observances create an opportunity for you to offer custom stress balls that are timely and fun—even if they don’t directly reflect the services you offer.

Custom Stress Balls

Bring the great outdoors inside with nature-themed custom stress balls!

In this blog post, we thought we would tell you about three monthly observances this summer that you can use in your advertising campaigns. Place your orders today and plan to use custom stress balls to make it a stress-free summer for your marketing department!

June: National Great Outdoors Month

With school out of session, June is the perfect month for families to get away from the deadlines, fluorescent lights, and fast food of civilization and spend some time outdoors. For National Great Outdoors Month, any organization can celebrate nature by adding these custom stress balls to its campaign:

  • Beavers, owls, skunks, bees, blue jays, bullfrogs, and many other of the woodland animals we see when we venture into the forest
  • Sun, tree, mountain, and cloud stress balls that can sit on a client’s desk and remind him that there is natural beauty waiting just outside the walls of the office!
  • Our ever-popular sports balls, which families will actually use as they play outdoors
  • Flip-flops, hot air balloons, seashells, surfboards, and many other recreation-themed stress balls that show your organization’s fun and adventurous side

The great outdoors is something we can all celebrate. And if you can tie that theme into one of the products that your company offers, it could be your best marketing idea in a long time!

July: National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

This is certainly a lesser-known monthly observance, but we hope it becomes more popular! Cell phone manners are a problem in practically every industry, and your custom stress ball campaign in July can actually help solve the problem while promoting your brand at the same time.

Stress balls that double as cell phone holders are perfect for helping your customers finally stop losing track of their phones. Asking someone else in the office to call your phone so that you can track it down: a violation of cell phone courtesy! With our hand phone holder or smiley guy holder, that forgetful office mate will always have a place to park his phone when he finishes his conversation. Now, if you can just get him to change his ring tone from a full-volume rendition of the latest annoying pop song, your mission will be complete!

August: National Golf Month

For many people, there’s nothing more refreshing or motivating than a reminder that there are miles of beautiful green fairways waiting for them at the end of the week. For National Golf Month, you may want to order extra golf-themed custom stress balls; they are sure to be popular!

We offer golf ball stress balls in a wide variety of colors, along with the opportunity to print your company’s logo and name on them. A key chain stress ball is another option, keeping your brand visible each time that golf enthusiast picks up his keys. Or, offer one of our adorable golf cart stress balls, which are sure to find a great parking spot on the desk.

Your conference booth visitors and your customers will love learning about the summer’s monthly observances and celebrating their favorite activities related to them. Attract attention in a new way every month, and keep an eye on the calendar to plan your next campaign! Be sure to look through our huge catalog of custom stress balls and find the designs that best fit your company or organization.

Three Reasons People Keep Personalized Stress Balls

Personalized stress balls are great promotional items for marketing departments in nearly any industry. Their low cost, variety, and customizable features make it easy for a company to quickly get a stock of stress balls that they can give away to the public and to customers, getting the company’s name and logo into their hands for future reference. But what happens after that point? A marketing manager obviously doesn’t want to make an investment in a promo item that is only going to make it a few days before being tossed into the trash or forgotten in a bottom desk drawer.

There are three big factors that can influence a person to not only keep personalized stress balls that they receive at a trade show, conference, or other public event, but to actually place them in a prominent spot where they will see them often. When that happens, the company that provided that item has gained exactly what it wanted from its investment! Obviously, those three factors are important for the success of your stress ball promotional campaign, so what are they?

Cell Phone Holder

Humor and utility come together just right with this cell phone holder!


One approach you can take to make your personalized stress balls desk-worthy or car dashboard-worthy is to make them funny. If a person giggles, snickers, or just cracks a smile when the stress balls on your display table catch his eye, that’s a good indication that he’ll pick one up. He will also probably enjoy sharing that laugh with the people around him, so he’ll be interested in putting it in a spot where others can enjoy it. Maybe it’s something as simple as a laughing emoji stress ball, bringing your social media addiction into the “real world.” Maybe it’s our wobbler stress balls, which shiver and shake when you type furiously on your computer keyboard. Or maybe it’s a talking cow stress ball, which gives your customer the great ability to insert a “moo” into any office situation.


Even an inexpensive, simple personalized stress ball can provide utility to someone, ensuring it a permanent spot on the desk. Perhaps the best example is a customized stress ball cell phone holder; it offers the great benefit of always knowing where your phone is, and that it’s not getting buried under documents and the other things scattered across your desk. In the same way, our hashtag stress reliever is built to hang onto a set of earbuds, preventing its cord from getting knotted up or pulled off the desk.

If a promotional item actually helps a person organize their work area or avoid losing yet another set of earbuds, you can count on it remaining in a prominent spot for months or even years to come. Now that’s a great return on your promotional marketing investment.


Maybe it’s not particularly funny, and maybe it doesn’t really provide a useful function, but there’s one more big reason that a person might latch onto a personalized stress ball and keep it around for the long term. That’s the question of relevance—that is, it reflects something that the person is proud of and wants to identify with publicly. It’s easy to come up with examples: favorite sports teams, your alma mater, pop culture references, favorite vacation spots like the beach or the mountains, and symbols that reflect your career are just a few. Personalized stress balls that advertise these interests do just what you want your marketing materials to do: catch the eyes initially, and then remain interesting enough to claim a long-term spot in front of those same eyes.

1001StressBalls: Your Source for Personalized Stress Balls

Where can you find personalized stress balls that reflect humor, utility, relevance, or even all three? You guessed it. offers a huge catalog filled with promotional items representing nearly any topic you can think of. All that’s left for you to do is to pinpoint the ones that best reflect your company’s field, customize them with your name and logo, and place your order. If you’ve focused on these three important features in choosing your stress balls, don’t be surprised if you quickly run out of stock and have to reorder! And don’t be surprised when you get calls from new customers who have remembered your name long after you interacted with them.

Win the Championship with Customized Stress Balls

Some people really do seem to go crazy when March Madness comes around each year. Everyone from the U.S. President to animals in the zoo creates their own bracket predictions, and computer screens in offices around the country display the current big game when the boss isn’t around! The same kind of anticipation builds when the Super Bowl, World Series, soccer World Cup, hockey playoffs, Olympics, and other big sports competitions approach. We love our sports matchups, and that is a fact that your company can take advantage of when deciding what customized stress balls to order for the upcoming marketing season.

Customized stress balls are a perennial favorite among promotional products, but when they play into upcoming national and international sports events, they attract even more attention. Incorporating a seasonal rotation of sports-themed customized stress balls may be the promotional idea that you’ve been searching for. Here are more details to round out your strategy:
Use the Madness!

There is a surprising variety within the basketball-themed customized stress balls available in our online catalog. By offering a number of different items, all carrying your company name and logo, you can increase the visibility of your brand in the offices, cars, and homes of those most smitten by March Madness. These items include:

  • Cell phone holders as low as $0.80 each
  • Key chains
  • Stadium/team spirit items ideal for tailgating and parties
  • Our ever-popular standard customized stress balls

Basketball fans will snap up these fun items, shoot hoops at their desks throughout the NCAA tournaments, and remember your company’s name each time they do so.

Don’t forget to check out the “Mascots” section of our catalog as well! Many of the most popular mascots in the NFL, NCAA, and high school football are represented there in squeezable, stress-relieving form, giving folks the chance to lower their blood pressure a little bit during those tense last few minutes of the championship game.

basketball cell phone holder

The perfect spot for a basketball fan’s cell phone!

Plan Ahead

A nice feature about sporting events that makes it easy for you to plan is the fact that they happen at about the same time every year. You already know that the best time to promote using baseball stress balls is October, leading up to the World Series in late October/early November. Football stress balls play double duty, linking with the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl in January and then March Madness in early spring. Instead of waiting too late to order these seasonal items, place your orders far ahead of time and cross them off your list.

The annual occurrence of most sports tournaments means that you may be able to place larger orders for sports-themed stress balls than you might for other items—if you don’t give away everything this year, they will still be relevant next year at the same time. Remember that the larger your order is, the lower your price for each item!

Add Something New to Your School Spirit

In towns across the nation, high school football sometimes gets even more attention than college and professional games. Customized stress balls with your team’s logo imprinted on them are guaranteed to quickly disappear into the hands of your school’s fans, building excitement with a relatively small financial investment.

Your One-Stop Source for Customized Stress Balls

Stress balls that copy actual sports balls create additional opportunities for your contacts to use them on an everyday basis. Creative office workers come up with endless ways to build goals for your football and basketball themed customized stress balls, tossing them back and forth without worrying about the damage that actual sports balls would cause!

In our easy-to-browse, searchable online catalog, you will find all the sports-themed customized stress balls that your company, school, or organization needs for a great marketing effort. In addition to the big sports like baseball, basketball, and football, you’ll also find items based on lesser-known sports like curling and cricket! Your current and potential customers are going to love picking up these fun stress balls, goofing off with them at work and at home, and of course remembering where they picked them up. Check out our easy logo upload and ordering system, and make sure you have plenty of sports-themed customized stress balls in stock for the next big game!


Stress balls (also known as stress relievers or stress toys) are one of the most popular promotional products today. There are many excellent reasons why custom stress balls make a great imprinted promotional gift and here are just a few:

• Relatively cheap and therefore “budget-friendly”;
• Small and light so they can be used in mailings or transported in bulk to events without a lot of expense and hassle;
• Come in many hundreds of shapes and styles so most anyone can find the perfect stress ball to represent their company;
• Fun, colorful and considered useful in squeezing out the stress that builds up during the course of the day!

As stress is agreeably one of the biggest health problems amongst Americans, interest in stress balls is on the rise. Many people work jobs that are mentally and physically taxing. Anyone who works in customer service, in a cubicle, stands on their feet all day, etc…certainly can experience stress during the day. Squeezing custom stress balls can relieve mental anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome or the urge to throw your stapler at a co-worker!

The balls are malleable shapes that are made from polyurethane foam rubber and fit in the palm of your hand. This type of stress ball is made by injecting the liquid components of the foam into a mold. The resulting chemical reaction creates carbon dioxide bubbles as a byproduct, which in turn creates the foam. Nowadays you can find ones made from gel or a sand-like product (think bean bag) with either a rubber skin or cloth skin, as well as vibrating, glitter, yo-yo stress balls and much more. Due to the never-ending demand for custom stress balls more new shapes and figures are being launched every year. The industry tries to keep up with current affairs and trends to ensure there is an ideal stress figure or shape for everyone!

Many people use the word “custom” incorrectly when searching for an existing shape to put a company logo on. However, if you have the time and money you can indeed have a custom shape created just for you! Custom shapes will require you to pay a pretty hefty processing fee to design a unique and new shape for you. In most cases you will need to pay an additional fee to have exclusive rights to the shape. If not, the factory reserves the right to use the new shape as it sees fit. Custom shapes generally take 12-18 weeks to produce overseas and the minimum quantity order required is greater than for existing shapes. Stock custom stress balls refer to existing products with inventory that is ready to ship domestically in as little as a few days. The “custom” part is you – the customer – placing your logo or unique imprint on the stock shape. You are customizing the stress reliever ball with your information.

Stress balls are easy to find on the web. You need not search further than the keyword “stress balls” to get pages of results. Most online businesses sell them in bulk (generally the minimum quantity you can order is 100 or 150 units for example) and can normally be purchased with or without an imprint. Ordering stress balls without an imprint is called “blank goods” or “blanks”. If you are looking for only a few stress relief balls or perhaps are an avid collector, you may have a more difficult time purchasing them online from companies that specialize in promotional products. You can however find low quantities on websites that sell retail. On retail websites you probably cannot order custom stress balls with your logo or unique imprint. Further, stress balls are not categorized as “toys” even though they are commonly called “stress toys” because they do look like toys. Stress balls are an advertising item meant for adult use and should never be given to children under age twelve. The Consumer Product Safety Information Act (CPSIA) specifically identifies stress balls and stress relievers as promotional products and not intended for children under 12 years of age. CPSIA testing is conducted on all of our stress relief ball products we sell on our website. Even though we discourage giving these balls out to children, those who decide to do so will be subject to a CPSIA tracking label imprint on each of your custom stress balls.

Custom Stress Balls & Stress Relievers – Holiday Season and Beyond

Promoting your transportation service? We’ve got all sorts of vehicle shapes from limousines to panel vans to semi-trucks. Do you work in the agricultural industry or own grocery stores? We’ve got all the fruits and veggies to choose from.  Work in the health care industry? Teach Karate? Run a planetarium? Well we’ve got stress balls for all that too! Whatever is your fancy, has a custom stress reliever for you!

Our top seller – the brain stress ball – is a universal symbol of so many things, ideas and concepts. University counseling centers hand them out like lollipops at the doctor’s office to stressed-out college students. Another widely popular shape is the grenade stress reliever. You don’t need to be affiliated with the military to appreciate the symbolism of a grenade. So many of us work more than forty hours a week or work more than one job. Sometimes it feels like the bottled up stress may bubble to the surface at any moment. If you work in human resources or mental health your employees or clients will appreciate the symbolism of this shape.

If you punch the clock, the days can get monotonous. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job in customer service are growing at 10% – faster than average. Customer service professional generally deal with a great volume of customers or clients each day. Whether you are working face-to-face, in a call center, or via instant messenger, you are interacting with customers to handle complaints, process orders, and provide information about an organization or companies products and services. Often customer service reps deal with angry customers and must keep their cool and remain professional. A fun little squishy stress ball with your company logo and appreciation message is an item that any customer service rep would really appreciate.  Even if your work title does not carry the words “customer service” in them, if you spend your day talking to people than you are doing customer service. Are you an employer whose employees deal with long commutes or long meetings? Stress balls are budget friendly but can make a positive impact on your employee’s daily mental health. Stress is a feeling that every worker up and down the “food chain” experiences more regularly than most would admit. Because stress doesn’t discriminate imprinted stress balls will help reduce the tension from customers, and replace it with lasting brand exposure.

According to the company and website Business News Daily, the most stressful jobs are enlisted military personnel, firefighters and police officers. This information should not be surprising to any of us. These public servants deal with situations and experiences that most of us can only imagine. Government agencies from state down to municipal can provide stress balls to these brave men and women to help with stress management. Stress balls are purposely designed to be small and fit in the palm of your hand. Therefore, they can easily be stowed in your pocket, bag, footlocker, or any small storage space. Here at 1001Stress we have a large selection of shapes in our “city & civil” category. We have both a policeman and policewoman, as well as many shapes for firefighters from firemen to firetrucks and even water hydrants. Our “military” section has a wide array of military themed stress ball shapes that cover all military branches. Beyond the ever popular stress ball grenade, we carry military trucks, bombs, camo balls, army man shapes like our favorite Army Bert, fighter jets, submarines, tanks and solider mad caps. States National Guard and ROTC programs frequently use military themed stress reliever balls at their recruiting events.

Are you on a tight budget this holiday season? Gifting your VIP customers and valued employees at years end is an important gesture. People love to be recognized and appreciated and there is no better time to show your appreciation than the holiday season. However, you do not need to break the bank buying promotional holiday gifts.

A custom stress ball is a fun and useful gesture. You can print your logo or a holiday message on a stress ball. We carry holiday themes stress balls such as a snowman ball, peace dove, champagne bottle, angel squeezie, Santa ball and much more. Stress balls are lightweight and made of durable material so they can easily be packaged and mailed.


Gear Up Your Marketing Plan This Season With Football Stress Balls

September signals the season of change. Millions of school age kids are waking up early to catch that yellow bus. Millions of moms are elated that the endless summer is finally over! Millions of dads are thrilled that Sunday football is just around the corner!

Yes, the priorities are definitely set in stone. Mom’s are out buying backpacks and notebooks. Dads are stocking up on chips and beer.

Football is an American institution. Ever since it first appeared on college campuses in the 1800’s, American’s have had a love affair with the game. Some might even call it an obsession! Rules of the game didn’t appear until 1876 when Coach Walter Camp introduced them to college games.

Football is a money making industry, not only for the professional leagues, but for countless thousands of retailers, service providers and marketing distributors. Take, for example, the football stress balls that are featured on our web site. These resilient stress relievers can be custom imprinted with a slogan, clever phrase or business message. What an ingenious way to advertise your business or service. These football stress ball comes in a big variety of sizes and colors, and you can match them with your favorite team. They are tough enough to take a strong squeeze during the tenses moments of a game. When your quarterback lobs that final Hail Mary pass, release your stress on a football stress reliever, because that’s what it’s made for!

Making money is an integral part of football. The American Professional Football Association became the National Football League in 1922, and has been selling lots of game tickets and swag ever since!

Stadiums also are a source of big bucks, with the average game attendance at @66,000 spectators, most of them wearing official NLF jerseys, hats, jackets, buying franks, chips and beer.

Another industry that loves football season is the growers of livestock. It takes 600 cows to produce a full seasons worth of NFL footballs. Wilson Sporting Goods Company in Ada, Ohio has been the official NFL supplier of balls since 1941. They churn out over 2 million balls a year (that’s a lot of cow hide)!

If you are a retailer who is looking to support your local high school football team, consider handing out a football stress ball at community events like street fairs or team fundraisers and rallies. These promotional balls will not be tossed aside after the event. They will travel home with fans that will have your name and contact information handy!

The biggest money event on the football calendar is Super Bowl Sunday.  Advertisers who compete for commercial time will lay out huge sums of money for a short spot.

Viewers of the Super Bowl will drink 50 million cases of beer over Super Bowl weekend. Fans will consume 11 million pounds of chips to accompany 8 million pounds of guacamole! It appears that the appetite of American football fans increases in direct proportion to the stakes at hand!

The most hazardous job in America on that special Sunday is the pizza delivery guy. On Super Bowl Sunday pizza delivery drivers get into more car accidents than on any other day of the year!

80 % of the coveted tickets to the big game are reserved for corporate sponsors.

Did you ever wonder how NFL teams acquired their names? We react to stories and stats of the Panthers, Giants, Cardinals, Redskins, etc. like Pavlov’s dogs, we can’t hear their names without salivating!

The Baltimore Ravens, for example, are named after the famous Edgar Alan Poe poem ‘The Raven.’ Poe penned his chilling poem in the 1830’s while residing in Baltimore.

The striking dark green ‘G’ on the Packers’ helmet is said to not stand for Green Bay as commonly thought. It is actually stands for Greatness (some may debate this reference). Either way if you’re a Packers fan it’s all good!

There are so many aspects of the great game that we now take for granted, but were not always a part of the sport. For example, the quarterback huddle, largely favored by female viewers, was invented by a deaf college quarterback who wanted to keep his plays from his opponents.

Protective helmets only became mandatory in 1939.

Instant replays became common place in the mid 1960’s.

The football industry is still changing with the times. Today players are equipped with a CorTemp Ingestible Body Thermometer that is swallowed as a pill. This technology was invented by NASA for its astronauts, to track body temperature. When and NFL player has a big spike in temperature he is removed from the game.

So….are you ready for some football? September is fast approaching and the games are around the corner. Are you anticipating the joy of winning and the agony of defeat? Than squeeze out that fan energy with a customized football stress ball with your company logo on it!


Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering Customized Stress Balls

Ordering promotional products or “customized products” can often be a confusing and daunting experience for those tasked by a boss to purchase stuff with the company logo on it. The words “custom” and “customized” and often used by the industry and customers alike. These words are a bit misleading because the vast majority of products you see on any given promotional products website cannot be altered in any way.

These products are pre-made and considered “stock products”. Depending on the product it may be available in multiple stock colors. What is customizable about them is that you can imprint your logo onto the stock item. One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “Can I change the color of the stress ball itself?” The answer is: yes and no. For the vast majority of customers the answer is no. This is because it is possible to change the color of a stock stress ball shape but this is done abroad at the point of origin for the product. The factory has a mold for the product and can change the product color. However, there is a minimum order quantity to do this type of order which can range from 1000 units to 2500 units. Most customers usually want to order less than this quantity. Additionally, orders done abroad take much longer to process than orders done domestically. The average order done abroad can take twelve to sixteen weeks. This is due not so much to the time it takes to do the custom color order, but the shipping of the order from the factory abroad to the domestic factory is done via ocean. Customers with a generous budget can pay additional costs to have their order air shipped versus ocean shipped. This can cut four to six weeks off the lead time.

For customers looking to do a fully customized stress ball shape additional costs will apply. The factory charges a processing fee to create a custom mold. This fee can run anywhere from $650-$800 dollars. The customer does not retain the rights to the shape. The production time is also twelve to eighteen weeks. In addition to the processing fee, the customer also incurs the usual order charges such as unit cost, decoration charges and shipping. The unit cost is determined based on how easy or difficult it will be to create a specific shape. Customers interested in receiving a quote for a custom stress reliever shape should have at least one very good image or picture of the shape they wish to make into a stress ball.

Another common question we receive from customers pertains to mix & matching stress ball shapes at low quantities. Promotional products are not retail products and therefore the minimum order quantity will also be high. We do sell stress reliever shapes from multiple suppliers. Each supplier has their own order parameters. Therefore, you may find one stress ball you like with a minimum order of 75 pieces, while another stress ball you like may have a minimum order of 150 pieces. Unfortunately you cannot order less than the minimum quantity shown for any shape. Because our products are sourced from various suppliers, the customer may have to pay multiple set-up charges for imprinting and ship charges as well.

If a stress shape is offered in multiple colors than you can order assorted colors for the same item. However, your total order quantity must still meet the minimum order quantity for that shape. If a minimum quantity for assorted colors is required we will note this on the webpage. Fifty pieces is usually the minimum color quantity. For example: if you want to order a football stress ball for a total order quantity of 250 units: you can order five different color footballs. It is important to note that you must choose all product colors that will look good with the same imprint color. If you order both dark and light colored stress balls, you will likely incur an additional imprinting charge called an ink change charge. This charge applies if the supplier needs to print half of the balls with a black imprint and half of the ball with a white imprint, for example.

A final inquiry we often get is whether you can order stress balls without and imprint. The answer is: yes. This type of order is called “blank goods”. You must still order the minimum quantity shown for that product but in this order scenario your costs would be the unit cost plus shipping costs. Blank goods normally ship in 1-2 business days from order date.