Stress Balls for Every Season

Buying stress balls in bulk can help your business excel in long-term promotion any month of the year. By imprinting your unique logo on one of our fun, goofy, or unusual stress ball designs, you’ll have a tool that your sales staff, customer service reps, and others can use to establish a foothold in the memory of folks who may later need your services. But your promotional product campaigns can be taken to the next level and become even more effective when you tie them into seasonal topics. Offering new stress balls at different times of the year makes it even more likely that your potential customers and business contacts will always have a fresh reminder of your organization and what it can do for them. Here’s a convenient “calendar” to take you through the year, reminding you of a few of the potential promotional tie-ins that you can take advantage of.

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The beginning of the calendar year has quite a few opportunities for stress ball promotion. New Year’s Day, of course, is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, and with enough advance planning, you can be ready to launch the new year with a campaign oriented around new beginnings and fresh starts.

The Super Bowl, arguably America’s favorite sports event, takes place in late January or early February and is a great chance for your company to capitalize on football fever. Valentine’s Day also falls in February, and the “Holiday” page of our online catalog features plenty of designs to help you show your customers how much you love them!


While Easter offers some opportunity for holiday-themed promotion, the greater benefit for a company’s marketing campaigns during this period is in the celebration of spring itself. Office workers who spend most of their day at a desk indoors love being able to decorate their space with little reminders of the explosion of life that’s happening right outside. And don’t forget about March Madness! The college basketball craze that sweeps the nation creates an ideal opportunity for you to incorporate basketball-themed stress balls into your marketing strategy to great effect.

Spring is also the heart of the “conference and trade show season.” For many businesses, this is the high point of the year in terms of making connections with others in the industry. You’ll want to make sure that whatever themes you choose for your stress ball campaigns, you have plenty of stock on hand to distribute to your new contacts, setting the stage for continued interaction throughout the coming year.


Everyone loves summer! In the 1001StressBalls catalog, you will find lots of designs to help you associate your brand with vacation, sports, the beach, and all the other things that people look forward to enjoying during the warmer months.

Match your promotional campaign to the season.

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Show your company or organization’s patriotism! A search for “patriotic” in our catalog brings up over a dozen US flag-themed stress ball designs, including key chains, to display your national pride while you accomplish your marketing goals at the same time.

For campus organizations and companies that pursue college students, August is the most important month of the year. As freshmen arrive at school for the first time and upperclassmen return for another year, these organizations need to have plenty of stress balls with their logo on hand for distribution. Missing the flurry of student activity fairs and freshman orientation events at the beginning of the school year or being caught off guard without enough promotional items would be a complete disaster!

football stress balls

Don’t be caught off guard by football season!


While you won’t find many national holidays during these two months, you will find two very important sports events: the start of both the NFL and college football season! Big cities with NFL teams go all out to support them, but in many parts of the country, college football is an even bigger deal. Depending on where your company is based or where your biggest audience is located, you can choose football-themed stress balls from our catalog that proudly display the colors of your team of choice. Or play it safe and have your logo imprinted on a variety of differently colored football and helmet stress balls so that your customers can choose the one that best reflects their NFL team or alma mater.

Give your marketing effort a spooky twist around Halloween with our pumpkin, ghost, bat, and other great stress ball designs. Obviously, you’ll probably want to offer some candy at your trade show table along with these promo items to get even more attention!


Thanksgiving and Christmas rank among everyone’s favorite holidays of the year, and they fall in close proximity every year. Once you give away some Christmas-themed stress balls to your business contacts, they’re likely to make an appearance again on their desks on an annual basis, as those folks look for ways to bring the holiday spirit to the office.

Staying on Schedule

Your promotional item giveaways can become incredibly effective when they are tied to the holidays, university schedule, and sports seasons that happen cyclically throughout the year. There is one crucial component to any of these successful campaigns, however, and that is advance planning. It’s not enough to think a few weeks ahead—you need to be thinking about what your football season stress balls will look like early in the year so that you can settle on a design, place your order, and get your stock in before the season starts.

If you need help figuring out what stress ball designs are best for your seasonal campaigns, or if an event has snuck up on you and you need to place a rush order, get in touch with us directly. Our staff is highly experienced and ready to answer whatever questions you may have about the imprinting and shipping processes. Just email us or call us today to plan your winning strategy!

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What is Stress, And Why Is There So Much of It?

Modern life is a fascinating paradox. We are surrounded at every moment by devices, tools, networks, and systems that are all designed to make life easier for us. A huge number of tasks that consumed lots of time and energy for former generations have become incredibly simple or even nonexistent for us today. And yet we seem to struggle more than ever, particularly in the office environment, with an elusive problem called stress. Why haven’t all of these technological advances led to the elimination of stress for us? Here’s a little bit about stress, what it is, why it’s such a problem today, and most importantly, what we can do to minimize it in our lives.

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Stressing the Positives

When we talk about stress, it’s important to note that stress itself—like the sensation of pain—is not an inherently negative thing. Rather, it’s your body’s way of registering an external influence and pushing your brain to respond to it. If your skin didn’t feel pain when you touched a hot stove, your brain wouldn’t respond by pulling your hand away. Likewise, if you didn’t feel stressed when you were confronted by a threatening situation, your brain wouldn’t “kick into high gear” and focus on the problem to find a quick solution.

So stress in itself is a very positive tool for our bodies to have—it’s what pushes your brain and body to perform at higher levels than they are normally capable of when you’re in a dangerous spot. If you’ve ever been involved in an auto accident or similar emergency, you may have looked back on the event later on and been surprised that you were able to do what you did to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. In large part, you probably have stress to thank for that burst of strength.

Too Much of a Good Thing

When we talk about stress today, though, we are most often talking about situations that are not life-and-death in nature. In the office, for instance, you may say that you feel stress all day long due to impending deadlines, difficult customers, contrary co-workers, misunderstanding managers, malfunctioning technology, and any number of other minor and major complications to your work. While stress is highly beneficial to your body in short bursts, it is not intended to be a near-constant state of being! If you always feel that you are being confronted by difficulty and your body is constantly pushing you to perform at higher-than-normal levels, there will inevitably be physical and mental consequences, as your body and brain simply get worn out.

New technology often imposes higher expectations

New technology often imposes higher expectations on workers.

Common Stressors

So back to our original question: If we have access to so many great technologies and tools to make our jobs easier, why don’t we feel less stress than our predecessors, rather than more? A big part of the problem is that the very existence of those powerful tools creates the expectation, for better or worse, that we should be able to do far more than our less technologically equipped ancestors. After all, while your grandfather had to use a desk-bound rotary phone to make sales calls, you now have a compact smartphone with access to the Internet! Surely you must be able to triple your sales in comparison.

Another important stressor is the “learning curve” involved with figuring out how to use these often-complex tools in the first place, and with later learning the more advanced nuances of them for greater efficiency. That new project management software that the company just bought promises to make your life easier, but first it will make it a lot harder as you try to quickly train your brain to think and work in different ways.

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Are There Answers?

As with any problem, there are certainly solutions to the issue of excessive stress in the modern workplace. Some are more in-depth than others, but understanding even the small “quick fixes” can help you make it through the day, week, month, and year without suffering physical consequences like headaches, a weakened immune system, and just feeling tired every time you’re not functioning with a stress-induced burst of energy.

Perhaps the greatest weapon you have against the negative effects of stress is awareness. When you understand that your stress is your body’s response to what it perceives as a dangerous situation, you can improve your mental state by reminding yourself that your work environment isn’t really a life-or-death situation that demands those high energy bursts. Taking some time to calm yourself down, remember what the stakes of that sales call or team meeting really are, and put things in perspective can really help you lower your stress level and make it through the rest of the day without developing a headache!

How Stress Balls Help

There’s a good reason that you see cheap stress balls displayed on tables everywhere at a trade show or professional conference. One of the most effective, quickest ways to bring down your stress level during a busy day is channel that energy into a physical action. Squeezing a stress ball gives your body an outlet for the energy that it’s built up as a response to your day’s stressful interactions, helping you quickly get back to normal, breathe more deeply, and revisit the task at hand with a clearer head.

Using custom stress balls in your organization’s next sales campaign or during the upcoming conference season is a very good way to provide a useful tool to your customers, sales leads, and business partners while also reminding them on a constant basis that you are there when they need you. For decades we’ve been imprinting high-quality stress balls for our clients, and we would love to introduce you to our best-selling, most stress-relieving designs. Browse our catalog and place your order today!

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Our Biggest Sellers—And Why!

As the name of our website suggests, we have a lot of promotional stress balls! It’s not hard to see why some people arrive on our site, begin browsing through the categories, and later discover that they’ve spent much more time than they realized looking at dozens of different designs, each one quirkier and more unexpected than the last! When it comes down to actually deciding which shapes and colors you want to order for your organization’s upcoming promotional efforts, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed. After all, a bulk order of stress balls is a significant investment, and you want to make sure that those stress balls will make their way into the hands of potential customers and business partners, rather than sitting unnoticed on your trade show table all weekend long. In this post, we’d like to give you a bit of advice to guide you in the right direction.

Learn From Experience

Successful marketing is all about learning from experience. As you try things out that don’t work, you figure out that it would be better to go in a different direction the next time around. As other ideas result in great amounts of attention and increased sales leads, you capitalize on them and see what you can do to make them even more effective. It’s always great when you can learn from someone else’s experience, though, giving your own marketing campaign a head start as you skip the trial-and-error and go straight to the methods that have proven successful.

In the area of promo stress balls, you can jump start your campaign by finding out what designs, colors, and categories have proven most successful with other customers in the past. Are there stress balls that have been popular for many years due to their consistent ability to grab the attention of conference attendees? Do people seem to gravitate toward certain colors or shapes in certain industries? Do certain designs do better at outdoor/exercise/health-themed events rather than trade shows? More importantly, how can you get the answers to these questions without trying out all the possibilities yourself?

Consult the Experts

Fortunately, you have a fantastic resource just a phone call away. For over 40 years, we have been supplying stress balls of all types to colleges, companies, healthcare organizations, non-profits, and other groups that are interested in reaching the highest numbers of people that they can with their message. In that time, we have learned a huge amount of valuable information about what works best for those customers in a wide variety of different contexts. Before settling on a stress ball design for your next campaign, we encourage you to give us a call and “pick our brain” about what you have in mind. We might be able to suggest a best-selling stress ball for your industry, advise you on the most effective colors, or point you toward a category of our online catalog that would be perfect for the specific event that you’re displaying at.

Another part of the stress ball design process where it’s important for you to get the input of the experts is the imprinting phase. We’ve developed a great, convenient online portal that you can use to upload the name of your organization, a logo, a phone number, and other important information. Because the shapes and sizes of our stress balls vary so widely, some uploaded information may not come out the way you expect on the specific design that you choose. The experts here on our end will take a close look at your information, compare it with the stress ball design, and determine how well they will work together. If it looks like the font is too small, your logo is too complex, or a line of information is too long to fit well on the stress ball design, we’ll let you know and work with you to come up with a solution that gets you the best outcome possible. And of course, we email you an art proof of the final design so that you can see what your customized stress ball will look like before we print your order.

Best-Selling Designs

To give you a head start on deciding what designs from our catalog might be a good idea for your next promotional campaign, we thought we would clue you in on what some of our most popular stress balls have been over the years. You can’t argue with results! Build on the past success of these designs and combine them with your company’s logo for a promotional campaign that won’t miss the mark.

Round Stress Balls

There’s a reason the original classic is still the favorite! A standard round stress ball just fits well in the hand, is easy to squeeze to release the stress of a long day in the office, and is great for printing a company logo and message in a way that’s easy to read. We offer a number of round stress balls that feature baseball designs, a slow-release squishy feel, or goofy faces that are just asking to represent the fun side of your organization!


poo emoji stress ball

Our poo emoji stress ball is perfect for healthcare and agricultural organizations!

Some of our biggest selling stress balls at the moment are our emoji-themed designs. Many of these, of course, are also round in shape, featuring the emojis that your customers use all the time on Facebook and in their text messages to friends. And then there are the more unusual shapes—for a variety of reasons, our poo emoji stress ball, now featured on our home page, has proven very popular! We are sure that these designs will catch the eyes of folks walking past your display table at your next big event.

Puzzles and Blocks

There’s something about putting puzzle pieces and building blocks together that provides satisfaction at a very basic level—just like squeezing a stress ball does! Maybe that’s why our puzzle piece and building block stress balls are consistent favorites in our catalog. Be sure to order extras, because people will want to take more than one from your table!

Back to School Already?

The end of the school year is an event that every university student looks forward to, when tests and papers disappear and there is an entire summer of traveling, projects, and relaxing ahead. But the beginning of the new school year comes around again surprisingly quickly, often catching students by surprise. For those of us who lead college organizations or manage businesses that cater to university students, it’s very important that the new school year doesn’t catch us by surprise as well. In fact, spring is exactly the right time to plan out your promotional activities for the fall, so that you can get all of your marketing stress balls, print items, and other materials in place before those freshman orientation and student life fairs happen.

Take Time for Creativity

If you have been promoting your company or campus organization for several years, you may have settled into a comfortable pattern for student events. You always use the same tablecloth, floor sign, and brochures, and you may distribute the same imprinted pens, key chains, or plastic cups at every event. But when you start thinking carefully about the next school year’s events far enough ahead of time, you can exercise creativity and come up with even better ideas for getting students interested in what you have to offer.

Analyze what you’ve done in the past, what has seemed to attract the most attention, and what hasn’t been as successful. Build on those conclusions and consult other sources to come up with creative ways to connect with students more effectively. If you decide that you would really like to design a new sign with brighter colors, print a new brochure that emphasizes different features of your service, or invest in a different type of giveaway item, you’ll have time to make those changes before the deadline.

What Do Students Want?

One of the most important rules of marketing is to orient yourself from your audience’s perspective as you think about what to offer. You may want to focus on certain services of aspects of your organization, but if that isn’t what the average person walking by your table is really interested in, you won’t make many meaningful connections. There may be a product or service that isn’t really the “flagship” of your business, but it may be a great attention-getter for college students. If you can lead with that, you’ll start more conversations, in which you can transition to talking about those more important services.

graduation distract stress ball

Don’t let graduation distract you from planning for next school year!

Sometimes what a college student really wants, at least in the short term, is something fun and goofy. You may represent a bank or other very serious organization, but promotional products like marketing stress balls with your logo printed on them could be the fun “hook” that gets a student to stop at your table and find out what you’re all about. With this approach, you could get the name of your business in front of a young person for the next few months in a way that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible.

The Case for Stress Balls

Whether it’s a returning student or an incoming freshman, one thing is sure: there is a lot of stress ahead for them in the coming school year. They may not all be fully aware of that fact yet, but after a few weeks, a simple tool like a stress-relieving squishy ball could become an important go-to item for a student who finds himself faced with pop quizzes, long papers to write, and the general upheaval of living away from home for the first time. By distributing imprinted stress balls at back-to-school events, you can make sure students remember you and the conversations they had with you every time they reach for that stress ball.

Aside from their serious function as a stress reliever, stress balls are just fun. You might choose to give away small football or baseball-shaped stress balls that will get tossed back and forth across dorm rooms and maybe even the classroom on occasion…but hopefully not during class! Fun, quirky designs are perfect for decorating a student’s desk and reminding them to smile once in a while, even while they pull an all-nighter to finish a midterm paper. And a stress ball cell phone holder can serve both purposes at once, providing a useful service in a fun, enjoyable way.

Ordering Your Stress Balls

This spring, we hope you will spend some time on our website as you plan out your promotional activities for the 2019-2020 school year. Whatever theme you want to focus on and whatever service you want to emphasize, our catalog is sure to have several stress ball designs that can deliver your message in a memorable way. Many of our most popular designs are available in a wide range of different colors, so that you can either match your company’s branding or select the color that you think will best attract the eye of a student from across the room.

The most important part of placing your stress ball order, of course, is uploading and imprinting your company or organization’s name and logo. With decades of experience in the industry, we have made it easy for you, the customer, to tell us exactly what you want your stress balls to say and how you want them to say it. Our online system lets you upload text, font, and logo images, and an expert designer looks over your information to determine whether it will work well on that particular stress ball design. If there are any factors that could negatively affect the final product, we get back to you with specific questions and suggestions for making your promotional products as successful as possible.

You may be feeling tired at the end of the school year, but don’t put off your back-to-school event planning! Once you get everything in place and submit your bulk order for marketing stress balls, you can take it easy and enjoy your summer vacation, knowing everything will be ready for those fall events.

Creating the Perfect Brand for Your Promo Stress Balls

Finding the perfect supplier for promo stress balls is a key part of your task as you seek to create an effective marketing campaign to reach potential clients, current customers, conference participants, and others with your company’s brand. But before that even happens, another critical step must take place: creating the branding elements that will be imprinted on those giveaway items. Those same branding elements, of course, appear in all sorts of other places, from your organization’s signage to print materials and digital marketing activities.

Having a recognizable brand is an enormous advantage for a company over its competitors. Of course, when that brand is backed up by attentive customer service, brilliant marketing strategy, and the other elements that make an organization great, you will become practically unstoppable. Let’s take a look at some considerations related to brand design:

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The Good…

Some branding is so well designed that the average person “sees” the colors, fonts, and images of a company’s logo as soon as they hear that company’s name—Coca-Cola, Facebook, and McDonald’s are just a few great examples. While the logos of those three corporations share very little in common with one another, all three are extremely distinctive and recognized around the world. The value of a brand that can be instantly recognized and that conveys a positive impression is so great that companies devote enormous amounts of time, money, and other resources to designing and redesigning their logos to give themselves the results they’re looking for.

The Bad…

For every globally recognized logo, there are hundred of branding designs that miss the mark. It’s rather difficult to come up with common examples of those misses, because by definition they don’t stick in the mind after you encounter them! But we have all seen company logos that are excessively complicated, use clashing color combinations, or simply consist of the company’s name in a basic, plain-colored font. These poor design choices imply, either fairly or not, that the overall quality of the company represented by the logo is also low. That impression has a real negative impact on the company’s ability to attract new customers, even though that impact is usually at the subconscious level for the customers.

The “Ugly”

You can refer back to our previous blogpost on the importance of colors in branding for a more in-depth discussion of what emotions customers tend to associate with certain colors. The choice of red, blue, and yellow for Coca-Cola, Facebook, and McDonalds are certainly not arbitrary! But color is not the only factor in logo design that can attract customers or turn them away. Occasionally, you will see a prominent, recognizable brand launch a redesign of their logo that only alters the existing logo in a very small way. Perhaps square corners become rounded, an image is simplified, borders become thinner, or a slight “shadow” is added to make the logo appear three-dimensional. These small artistic changes can allow a company to retain the familiarity of its established logo while making it seem more modern, friendly, or powerful at the same time.

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Establishing Your Brand

Once you have that “perfect” brand design for your organization, you will have to try harder than you might think to protect it. By “protecting it,” we mean ensuring that your logo looks exactly the same every time it appears, whether it’s on the sign outside your location, a billboard, your Facebook page, your marketing emails, the banner at your community events, or giveaway stress balls with your logo and name imprinted on them. If your logo varies in color, resolution, and quality across those formats, customers will be less likely to cement the association of your brand with the high quality of your service. And once again, if customers perceive that your branding design is sloppy, they will unconsciously make assumptions that your company suffers from sloppiness in more important areas as well.

colors and patterns

The colors and patterns in your brand are critical to its success!

That being said, be sure to think through whether you need to create approved “alternate” versions of your branding—for example, a black-and-white version for monochrome publications, or a single-color version of an otherwise multicolored logo.

Our Stress Balls Accurately Reflect Your Brand

Over the decades that we have spent helping organizations in all industries market their brands through promotional giveaway products, we have perfected the art of replicating even a complex branding design in a way that is consistent with the rest of that organization’s materials. We have set up our online imprint upload process with accuracy and consistency in mind, so that the logo you send to us is the one that you see on your finished stress balls.

We also have the expertise to know when a customer’s upload is unlikely to turn out looking great on their selected stress ball design, usually because a complex logo is too small in size to enjoy good definition on the stress ball medium. In those cases, we put the order on hold while we contact the customer and provide expert suggestions for making the imprint process as successful as possible. We’re not interested in just moving orders out the door as quickly as possible! We understand how critical your branding is to your company’s marketing success, and we are here to help you achieve that success by getting you the best-looking promotional products possible.

Choose a Great Stress Ball Design

If you are in the great position of already having a great-looking, instantly recognizable brand design for your organization, we hope you will choose to work with us to create highly effective stress balls for all of your promotional activities. Our stress balls have proven their value over the past decades to promote university organizations, sports teams, corporations, healthcare services, and a wide range of other groups with amazing cost-effectiveness. Upload your logo today and choose the designs from our incredibly diverse catalog that best fit your company and your brand.

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Meet Our Stress Balls!

Buying stress balls in bulk is the perfect way to get your team ready to make a lasting impression on all sorts of potentially important contacts at all sorts of different events. Trade shows, community events, and simple sales calls become more profitable for your organization if you can hand something to your contacts that will help them remember who you are and what you’re all about. The more useful and attractive that promotional item is, the better chance it has of staying in front of those contacts and advertising your business or non-profit for many years into the future.

Today we thought we’d introduce you to just a few of the many categories of stress balls that you’ll find in our huge online catalog, in the hopes that they’ll spark your own creativity and give you some great ideas for reaching your audiences more effectively in the coming year.


There’s no question about it—the United States as a society is obsessed with sports! We each have our favorites, with football, basketball, and baseball leading the list by far. But there’s a wide variety of other sports to enjoy, from soccer, hockey, and golf to much lesser-known ones (at least here in the US) such as cricket, rugby, and Formula 1 racing. We’ve made it a point to offer sports-related stress ball designs that appeal to all athletics fans, no matter what event they enjoy most.

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The Outdoors

There’s at least one great reason to offer your business contacts stress balls related to the great outdoors, travel, and vacation. Sitting at a desk inside the office building day after day, it’s great to have a reminder that there’s green grass, blue sky, and warm sunlight outside! These stress balls quickly claim a prime spot on the desk, putting your organization’s name front and center and associating you with the rest and relaxation that we all look forward to at the end of the work day.


Emojis are quickly becoming a language in themselves, with a constantly expanding set of images to choose from when we text our friends and family. But why limit emojis to the small screen? The larger-than-life versions in the form of stress balls that you’ll find in our catalog allow an office worker to show the rest of the office how they’re feeling that day, or to add a little fun to the long afternoon by sending a literal emoji across the room instead of a texted one.

Cell Phone Holders

If you’re looking for a stress ball design that will provide real value to the folks you meet at your conferences and trade shows, it’s hard to beat a cell phone holder. Especially if you tend to have a messy desk strewn with papers and office supplies, it can be invaluable to have a designated spot where you’ll always be able to find your cell phone. No more frantically searching on, under, and around your desk for your ringing phone, only to find it right after missing that important call! Associating your brand with a simple yet useful tool that will come in handy for the recipient nearly every workday is a fantastic way to make a lasting positive impression.

Key Chains

Some of our smallest stress balls are attached to key chains, creating not just a cute, quirky souvenir of a trade show or community event, but also a tool that helps its owner find their keys in a dark, crowded purse or—once again—on a cluttered cubicle desk. You know that your new business contact won’t ever leave the house without his keys, so what better way to remind him of your company than to link your brand to them?


There’s something about our various characters that just brings a smile to people’s faces. Maybe it’s their constant smile, or the fact that you can relieve your stress by squeezing them as hard as you can without altering their positive mood. Whatever the case, there are a number of categories in our online catalog that include quirky, cute, friendly characters that your contacts will be happy to look at every day.

…The List Goes On

These are just a few of the great stress ball designs that you’ll find on our website. No matter what kind of event you’re attending to promote your organization, we’re confident you will be able to find a design that fits the theme and offers your brand a great platform from which to reach potential customers, clients, and colleagues for years into the future.

popular stress ball characters

Bert is just one of our popular stress ball characters.

In addition to the different designs, we also offer a wide variety of options when it comes to the imprinting on the stress ball that you choose for your order. You’ll have the opportunity to upload your artwork exactly as you want it to appear on your promotional products, and an expert will review your upload before creating proofs to make sure it has a great chance of appearing the way you want it to. If your design is problematic in any way, we’ll work with you to find a perfect solution so that the final order of stress balls that you receive looks incredible and reflects your brand beautifully.

Ask the Experts

We’ve been producing great-looking promotional stress balls for customers in all different fields for a very long time. Over that time, we’ve accumulated lots and lots of useful facts about stress balls, all of which help us match each of our new customers with the design, imprint options, colors, and other features that will result in an amazing, effective, and cost-effective marketing effort. If you have any questions at all about the stress ball designs you see in our catalog or about your options for adding your logo, company name, and contact information to your stress balls, we encourage you to get in touch with you and talk to one of our experienced, friendly experts. We can’t wait to help you revitalize your organization’s marketing strategy!

Custom Stress Balls: The Perfect Trade Show Giveaway

It’s that time of year again already: time to make plans and place orders in order to be ready for the spring trade show and conference season. There have probably already been a lot of conversations and meetings around your office about what to do this year; how you can make your company and your booth really stand out from the crowd and attract as much attention as possible. There are a lot of reasons why custom stress balls have always been a favorite go-to for companies that want to cement a good impression in the minds of trade show attendees, and here at in particular, there are a number of new developments that make our stress balls even more effective than ever before. Here are just a few great reasons to make custom stress balls a centerpiece of this year’s conference booth.


The most important feature of a stress ball, from the perspective of marketing, is its tendency to continue to be kept around and used for months and even years after an individual receives it as a promotional giveaway. People simply enjoy having stress balls around, for a number of different reasons. Perhaps your stress ball has an unusual, funny, or cute design that people are proud to display on their office desk or car dashboard. Maybe it has some inherent, tangible value to the recipient, as a cell phone or business card holder. And then, of course, there’s the primary purpose of a stress ball: a tool to help a busy, perhaps overloaded worker channel some energy into a simple physical motion and better focus his mental faculties on the work at hand.

The stress balls offered in the online catalog are manufactured with permanence in mind. That means that they’re made from high quality materials and printed with high quality techniques, keeping your message clear and effective for a long time after your initial contact.

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Another important way that a custom stress ball advertises effectively for your company is usually unnoticed by the recipient. It’s all about the subconscious and the way that our various senses, as human beings, work together to solidify memories. Countless studies in the educational field confirm that the more senses a student engages while taking in information, the more of that information the student will retain. The same is true when you are presenting your pitch to a potential customer or client at a trade show booth—associating your message with a physical object like a stress ball, plus the physical motion of “fiddling” or “fidgeting” with that physical object, helps it take deeper root in the individual’s mind. And that’s exactly what you need when you’re talking with someone who will visit dozens of other booths during the course of a conference. That tangible object does a lot to boost the individual’s positive memory of the experience he had with you, and the more striking, distinctive, and memorable the object is, the better. A high-quality stress ball imprinted with your company or organization’s name and contact information is ideal for carrying out that task.

custom stress balls

Stand out at your next trade show with custom stress balls.

Brand Association

A great stress ball is effective on its own, but the magic really begins when you imprint that stress ball with your organization’s logo and name and make it your own. But that imprinting process needs to be handled by experts who know how to ensure success, or you run the risk of getting a shipment of hundreds of stress balls that inaccurately or ineffectively represent your company, and that you are hesitant about handing out to potential clients. That’s where the specific expertise of comes into play. For decades, we’ve been helping companies like yours design and imprint stress balls that they are proud to give away. We help work through details like complicated logos, ornate fonts, color matching, and other factors that have a huge impact on the final look of your custom stress balls.

Special Requests

Last year, we were very excited here at to begin offering full-color imprinting on selected stress ball designs. You can find those designs in a special category of our online catalog, and there’s enough variety to give any organization some great choices. We are sure that you’ll love the way your full-color logo or graphic looks on these designs after going through our advanced, high-quality printing process. As we discussed in detail in a recent post to this blog, color matching is a very important element of any marketing campaign, and matching a multicolored design is much more complicated than a single-color or black-and-white design. You can trust our seasoned experts to fulfill your requests to your exact specifications.

We do have some clients who want to go above and beyond our huge catalog of selections, designing their very own, truly customized stress ball design. If that describes your organization, we are happy to work through that process with you, providing plenty of feedback, proofs, and quality checks along the way to ensure that the final product is an incredible, effective representation of what you have in mind. Of course, you won’t be able to get something like that in for this year’s trade show season, as it takes a number of months to design, approve, and produce a batch of fully customized promotional stress balls.

Great Materials and Great Results

Using custom stress balls as promotional giveaway items for trade shows is a fantastic idea—as long as you order from the right source. You’ve probably received promotional items that fall apart, fade, or have their printing rubbed off within a short amount of time. Those cheaply made products do more harm than good to your brand recognition! You can trust our decades-long reputation for providing durable, attractive promotional stress balls that represent your company the way you want them to.

Logo Stress Balls and Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is an incredibly detailed science. You barely think about the iconic logos and brand names that you see every day, but you would be amazed to discover just how much research, debate, testing, analysis, re-testing, and trademarking went on before those logos finally became visible to the public. Even after the release of a logo, marketing experts are constantly monitoring how it makes audiences think—and more importantly, feel—about the brand, and they may eventually decide to make modifications to the design or redesign it altogether. Even if your organization doesn’t have millions of dollars to spend on branding, the logo and other brand recognition elements that you present to the public are incredibly important. Here’s why, and why your promotional products like logo stress balls need to be precisely in line with the rest of your branding and marketing efforts.

Your Colorful Subconscious

There are many, many things that go on inside your brain when you see a company’s branding, and most of those things are in your subconscious. Color associations are a huge subconscious element. Just look at how the same single color is used in the branding of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Lowes, AT&T, and Ford—companies in a variety of different markets. Psychologists have discovered that humans naturally associate certain colors with certain emotions, and the color blue usually suggests trustworthiness. Other companies may want to emphasize excitement, power, wealth, creativity, or fun—other emotions that are associated with various colors.

Logo Stress Balls

Let our professionals help you get the exact look you have in mind.

Aside from the emotional impact of your organization’s logo colors, there is another important feature that applies directly to the design of logo stress balls: color matching. As humans, our eyes are able to differentiate between surprisingly subtle variations in color shades. Unfortunately, it is also notoriously difficult to replicate the exact same color shade on products created using different equipment. In some cases, even items created during different runs or on different days on the same equipment may not match each other precisely in terms of color. The result of this inconsistency is that your audience—again, mainly in their subconscious—may begin to associate your brand with inconsistency and a lack of dependability.

Standing Out

Font is another factor that is closely tied to your brand recognition. You can easily picture the fonts used for brands like Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, and Google. It’s important to strike a balance between a font that is unusual enough to attract attention, but also clear enough to be immediately understood. Company names printed in plain, generic fonts are in danger of being overlooked, especially in the context of a trade show or conference at which dozens or hundreds of organizations are competing for attention. Logo stress balls with a nondescript color and a basic font are highly unlikely to make any impression at all on your booth’s visitors!

Because logo stress balls are small, there can be some challenges when imprinting a complex company logo onto them. The more ornate, detailed, and complicated a font is, the less successfully it will translate onto the stress ball medium. This makes it difficult to read, and as a result, your audience will not be left with a positive lasting impression of your organization. This is one area where it really pays off to work with an experienced professional in designing your marketing campaign’s logo stress balls. A person like that can help you anticipate how well your company name will translate onto the stress ball design you choose, and if necessary, suggest some variations or alternatives that may give you a better result. This consultation could save you a lot of money and a lot of logo stress balls that you simply aren’t comfortable giving away to potential customers because of the way they look.

Do Your Logo Stress Balls Reflect Your Organization?

Perhaps the greatest quality of logo stress balls is their ability to adopt your organization’s identity and promote it in a fun, creative way. If you order your shipment of stress balls from a company with hundreds of different designs to choose from, you can select a design that reflects your company directly, the specific event that your promotional campaign is centered on, or a special push to market a single product or idea. Whatever design you choose, however, it will be imperative to ensure that your logo stress balls supplier can replicate your logo and font accurately and can match your signature colors as closely as possible.

But what can you do if your logo is multicolored and complex? At 1001StressBalls, we now offer a number of select designs with a full color printing option. You will find these designs in their own special category of our online catalog, and we think you will love the way your organization is represented by them. As with all of our imprinting projects, you will enjoy the benefit of having an experienced agent examine your image upload and determine whether it will be successful “as is” or whether it would be better to make minor adjustments to get the best possible result.

Personal Guidance with Logo Stress Balls

Most of the folks that come to us to order a shipment of logo stress balls for a conference, advertising push, or community event are very skilled marketers. They understand how important branding is, and they probably even understand the intricacies of color-emotion links, font selection, and the great importance of consistent branding across different kinds of promotional products. But what they don’t have at their disposal is an intimate knowledge of each of our stress ball designs, our imprinting process, and how their logo will coordinate with them. When we receive a logo upload, we don’t just blindly print it onto the stress ball and hope for the best. Instead, we think carefully about what the final product will look like and we make whatever suggestions we can to help the customer get exactly what they need: an incredible, memorable promotional item that beautifully reflects their unique brand.

Getting the Ball Rolling with Bulk Stress Balls

Once a potential client of yours or a great business contact has one of your personalized stress balls in hand, you can be very happy about the fact that it will advertise your business to them for a long time to come. He’ll place your stress ball on his desk or perhaps in his car, where he will see your company name and logo many, many times—and hopefully remember what you can do for him at the moment that he is in need of your services. There is an assumption behind this success story, though: that you were able to have a conversation with that person and place a stress ball in his hand in the first place.

Just having a box of bulk stress balls to hand out at a conference isn’t enough. There are dozens or even hundreds of other businesses trying to do the same thing at a large conference, and some of those businesses are undoubtedly your direct competitors. If you want your bulk stress balls to make a lasting impression, you need to do two things at once: first, offer great, high-quality stress balls that people are going to want to hang onto and place in a prominent area where they will see them. Second, and critically, you also need to attract the attention of people passing by your display and have a great conversation with them. Here’s how personalized stress balls can help you do both.

Colors are Key

When you place your order for bulk stress balls, you’ll want to think very hard about the colors that you choose to work with. Your company’s signature colors may be dark, understated, and very professional, but that might not quite do the trick when your goal is to get someone to stop and take a closer look at what your display has to offer. Can you use a stress ball design with a color that is a variation on your company colors, but much brighter and exciting? Perhaps you can use a fluorescent or neon base color, but retain your company’s signature colors in the name and logo imprinting. Try to strike just the right balance between staying true to your company’s brand and offering a promotional item that demands attention.

Bulk Stress Balls

Choose the eye-catching color that will best represent your company’s style.

When you look at the color options available for many of the most popular stress balls in our online catalog, you will realize that we have made excitement and brilliance top priorities. The most “generic” designs, including football, puzzle piece, and the ever-popular simple round design, are available in dozens of bright color shades that simply won’t allow a person with a functional sense of sight to ignore them! Imprint your company’s logo on one of these stress balls, and you’ll be well on your way to launching a meaningful conversation with a potentially profitable client who can’t help but stop and pick one up.

Display Strategy

The way you actually display your bulk stress balls at your booth or table might deserve more attention than you think. We could talk about a lot of specific strategies, but the best way for you to brainstorm the best display strategy for you is to place yourself squarely in the shoes of a visitor to your booth. Go ahead and walk around to the other side of the table and visualize what you would most like to see on it. Two stress balls sitting in the middle of the table? That could suggest that your company could only afford a small promotional campaign and wants to conserve what it gives away. A huge pile of stress balls overflowing onto the floor? That could indicate a lack of professionality and concern for appearance on the part of your business. In addition, a courteous visitor may avoid taking a stress ball from that pile out of fear that they could start an avalanche!

These negatives are not necessarily things that every visitor to your table will think through on a conscious level; it’s more of an overall impression that the average person will form within a few seconds of arriving at your display (or even while walking past it!). In contrast, if your table shows a neatly organized array of beautiful, exciting personalized stress balls, the immediate first impression is that your company is professional, detail-oriented, and knows exactly what it’s trying to do. And that’s a company that the average conference attendee can get excited about doing business with.

Conversation Starters

Once a person stops and picks up a stress ball, what happens next? In the worst-case scenario, they could simply walk away with a reminder about your company but no concrete, useful facts about your company to remember. Your ultimate goal isn’t simply to get one of your bulk stress balls into a visitor’s hand, but to make that stress ball a symbol of a great conversation that they had with you. Work with the folks staffing your table to make sure that you are all ready to launch meaningful conversations with whoever stops by your table, quickly making the transition from small talk and introductions to finding out what their needs are and explaining how you can meet those needs for them. Don’t assume that you will have lots of time to talk with each visitor to your table; remember that he has a lot of other things to do at the conference, and monopolizing his time could come across as rude. That’s certainly not the impression you want to leave on behalf of your company!

And that’s a major point of offering bulk stress balls in the first place: to remind your new contact about the brief yet important, value-filled conversation that he had with you at the conference. When you have your talking points carefully planned out and you have your personalized stress balls planned out just as carefully, you have a winning combination that will make the most of your promotional budget and your conference appearance.

Do Stress Balls Make You More Productive?

Many people were baffled at the sudden popularity of “fidget spinners” over the past year or two. But most psychologists knew exactly what was going on and why these little devices captured the attention of so many people. Fidget spinners tapped into one of the main reasons that cheap stress balls are also so popular with people in offices around the country: doing something “mindless” with your hands actually helps you concentrate! Understanding more about this function of promotional stress balls can help you use them more effectively to market your organization’s services.

Focusing Attention or Distracting?

While many people simply saw fidget spinners as a quirky new toy or collectible trinket, others promoted them as having real benefits for people (mainly children) who had trouble focusing their attention on school or other types of work. The main idea is that when a person’s hands have something to do, the brain becomes better able to focus its attention on the more important work at hand. This concept, in itself, is certainly supported by many years of research, but there is less consensus among psychologists about the specific ability of fidget spinners to accomplish that desired result. Some argue that the fidget spinner design is too distracting to be of value, actually pulling the brain’s conscious attention away from work. Following these recommendations, a growing number of schools across the country are actually banning fidget spinners from class.

Not Just Kids

As you probably know from personal experience, children are not the only ones who find it difficult to focus at times! The large number of cheap stress balls bouncing around workplaces and colleges show that adults find it useful, whether they are fully aware of the reasons for it or not, to do something “mindless” with their hands as they try to concentrate on a difficult mental task like studying for a tough upcoming final exam. If you’ve never noticed this phenomenon for yourself, you may be surprised—the next time you need to stay mentally focused on a task, try squeezing a stress ball at the same time. You may just find that the thoughts flow more easily and your work ends up getting done more quickly.

Cheap Stress Balls Are Ideal

Cheap stress balls do an amazing job focusing attention, in part because they avoid the primary problem of fidget spinners: They don’t distract the mind at all. A stress ball is simply a squeezable item that fits inside the hand comfortably, encouraging physical movement without demanding any mental attention at all. That’s why people who are consciously tuned in to this value always pick up cheap stress balls when they find them on a conference or trade show display table—they know that at some point they will wish they had a quick, easy, simple outlet for nervous energy and a way to focus their attention on a tricky problem.

Capitalizing on Focus

Once you have this information about the attention-focusing power of cheap stress balls, your next question should be how your organization can capitalize on it. Obviously, making stress ball giveaways a focus of your conference appearances and public events is an important starting point, but those giveaways will be even more successful if you can inform visitors to your booth or table about a few of the real benefits that your stress balls can provide for them. It’s not just about putting a tiny billboard for your company in their hands; it’s about giving them something of value that will actually help them accomplish the work they need to do every day. That thoughtful, personal concern will stick in the minds of those people, and they will remember that your company provided them with some benefit before they even became a paying customer or entered a working relationship with you.

Stress Balls

Give those hands something to do—it will help you focus!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt your promotional effort if those cheap stress balls carry some other kind of value as well. A stress ball that is also funny, quirky, or culturally relevant is that much more likely to find its way to a prominent spot on its owner’s desk, where it can reach even more people in the office with your organization’s logo and name. All of the cheap stress balls in our online catalog can help relieve stress and focus attention, but there may be certain categories and designs that perfectly fit the mood and theme of your company’s next important marketing event.

Maximize Productivity for Your Campaign—and Your Customers

Our new full-color printing category, which we are very excited about, lets you take the impact of your marketing campaign up another notch. Other specialized cheap stress balls are available as well, from yo-yos to noisemakers to vibrating designs and much more. These unusual giveaways will maximize the effectiveness of your campaign, while also helping your customers maximize their own productivity and mental focus. For all of these reasons, it’s a great idea to make cheap stress balls a central component of your organization’s next big publicity push.

As a reminder, we expect stress ball prices to rise in the coming months as a result of unpredictable changes in the China-US trade relationship. Now is the time to plan your next year of promotional activity, decide on the cheap stress balls that best reflect your company and marketing events, and place your order to get the best possible price. As you plan, be sure to browse the special offers on our home page—they include many of our most popular cheap stress ball designs, discounted to help you make your marketing budget go even farther.

Unlike the short-lived fidget spinner fad, stress balls have been around for a long time—here at 1001StressBalls, we have been distributing them for promotional campaigns for over four decades! You can trust us, as seasoned leaders in our field, to supply your organization with cheap stress balls that are high-quality, color-accurate, and that faithfully recreate your logo and name.