City & Civil

City & Civic:

What makes any metropolitan area run smoothly? Thousands of men and woman work ‘behind the scenes’ to keep up essential services. When major blizzards or hurricanes strike a city, people realize what it takes to keep things going!

Stress balls in shapes that reflect city & civic symbols are great promotions to advertise your product or service.

  • Waste removal services: check out a dump truck, dumpster, trash can and garbage truck stress ball shapes that look like the real thing.
  • First responder agencies: check out ambulances, firemen and women, fire trucks, fire helmets, fire extinguishers, policeman and woman, police cars, and badge stress balls.
  • If you keep traffic moving we have a large selection of city bus, metro bus, metro trains, school bus, tow truck, traffic light and stop sign stress balls.

City & civic stress balls are terrific promotions to give-a-way at trade shows, public awareness events, seminars and fundraisers.


As Low As $1.78
As Low As $1.33
Ambulance Squeezies
As Low As $1.54
Ambulance Stress Reliever
As Low As $1.33
As Low As $1.66
City Bus
As Low As $1.20
As Low As $1.29
As Low As $2.19
As Low As $0.99
Fire Extinguisher
As Low As $1.00
Fire Extinguisher
As Low As $1.16
Fire Extinguisher Squeezies
As Low As $1.09
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