Fruit Stress Balls: A “Berry” Sweet Promotional Product.

Would our world today be a veritable Garden of Eden if that juicy apple hadn’t tempted Adam and Eve? Fruit has been in our lives from the very beginning. The planting, harvesting, transportation and distribution of fruit are major industries here and worldwide.

  • If you are involved in the production, delivering or selling of fruit we have a fruit stress ball that works for you.
  • The most popular apple stress ball shape is available in red, green and yellow.

Our fruit shapes are so real looking that co-workers may be tempted to steal the delicious look fruit off your customer’s desk!

As Low As $1.01
Apple Keychain
As Low As $0.73
As Low As $0.95
Apple Squeezies
As Low As $0.91
Apple Stress Ball
As Low As $0.91
Apple Stress Reliever
As Low As $0.76
As Low As $1.23
As Low As $0.91
As Low As $1.12
Banana Squeezies
As Low As $0.91
As Low As $1.06
As Low As $1.38
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