October 16, 2018

Do Stress Balls Make You More Productive?

Many people were baffled at the sudden popularity of “fidget spinners” over the past year or two. But most psychologists knew exactly what was going on and why these little devices captured the attention of so many people. Fidget spinners tapped into one of the main reasons that cheap stress ...

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September 24, 2018


Dear Valued Customers,

As we move into the last quarter of 2018, we would like to share some important pricing information with you.

Due to current and pending changes in the economic market with respect to our trade relationship with China: the price of stress balls (and all promot...

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July 17, 2017

Cheap Stress Balls Are Just What You’ve Been Looking For

As you well know, the word “cheap” has two meanings, at least in modern-day usage. It can mean that something is low-quality and will soon fall apart, or it can simply mean that something has a low price tag. On one hand, we don’t like calling our products “cheap stress balls,” because ...

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