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As the name of our website suggests, we have a lot of promotional stress balls! It’s not hard to see why some people arrive on our site, begin browsing through the categories, and later discover that they’ve spent much more time than they realized looking at dozens of different designs, each one quirkier and more unexpected than the last! When it comes down to actually deciding which shapes and colors you want to order for your organization’s upcoming promotional efforts, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed. After all, a bulk order of stress balls is a significant investment, and you want to make sure that those stress balls will make their way into the hands of potential customers and business partners, rather than sitting unnoticed on your trade show table all weekend long. In this post, we’d like to give you a bit of advice to guide you in the right direction.

Learn From Experience

Successful marketing is all about learning from experience. As you try things out that don’t work, you figure out that it would be better to go in a different direction the next time around. As other ideas result in great amounts of attention and increased sales leads, you capitalize on them and see what you can do to make them even more effective. It’s always great when you can learn from someone else’s experience, though, giving your own marketing campaign a head start as you skip the trial-and-error and go straight to the methods that have proven successful.

In the area of promo stress balls, you can jump start your campaign by finding out what designs, colors, and categories have proven most successful with other customers in the past. Are there stress balls that have been popular for many years due to their consistent ability to grab the attention of conference attendees? Do people seem to gravitate toward certain colors or shapes in certain industries? Do certain designs do better at outdoor/exercise/health-themed events rather than trade shows? More importantly, how can you get the answers to these questions without trying out all the possibilities yourself?

poo emoji stress ball

Consult the Experts

Fortunately, you have a fantastic resource just a phone call away. For over 40 years, we have been supplying stress balls of all types to colleges, companies, healthcare organizations, non-profits, and other groups that are interested in reaching the highest numbers of people that they can with their message. In that time, we have learned a huge amount of valuable information about what works best for those customers in a wide variety of different contexts. Before settling on a stress ball design for your next campaign, we encourage you to give us a call and “pick our brain” about what you have in mind. We might be able to suggest a best-selling stress ball for your industry, advise you on the most effective colors, or point you toward a category of our online catalog that would be perfect for the specific event that you’re displaying at.

Another part of the stress ball design process where it’s important for you to get the input of the experts is the imprinting phase. We’ve developed a great, convenient online portal that you can use to upload the name of your organization, a logo, a phone number, and other important information. Because the shapes and sizes of our stress balls vary so widely, some uploaded information may not come out the way you expect on the specific design that you choose. The experts here on our end will take a close look at your information, compare it with the stress ball design, and determine how well they will work together. If it looks like the font is too small, your logo is too complex, or a line of information is too long to fit well on the stress ball design, we’ll let you know and work with you to come up with a solution that gets you the best outcome possible. And of course, we email you an art proof of the final design so that you can see what your customized stress ball will look like before we print your order.

Best-Selling Designs

To give you a head start on deciding what designs from our catalog might be a good idea for your next promotional campaign, we thought we would clue you in on what some of our most popular stress balls have been over the years. You can’t argue with results! Build on the past success of these designs and combine them with your company’s logo for a promotional campaign that won’t miss the mark.

Round Stress Balls

There’s a reason the original classic is still the favorite! A standard round stress ball just fits well in the hand, is easy to squeeze to release the stress of a long day in the office, and is great for printing a company logo and message in a way that’s easy to read. We offer a number of round stress balls that feature baseball designs, a slow-release squishy feel, or goofy faces that are just asking to represent the fun side of your organization!


Some of our biggest selling stress balls at the moment are our emoji-themed designs. Many of these, of course, are also round in shape, featuring the emojis that your customers use all the time on Facebook and in their text messages to friends. And then there are the more unusual shapes—for a variety of reasons, our poo emoji stress ball, now featured on our home page, has proven very popular! We are sure that these designs will catch the eyes of folks walking past your display table at your next big event.

Puzzles and Blocks

There’s something about putting puzzle pieces and building blocks together that provides satisfaction at a very basic level—just like squeezing a stress ball does! Maybe that’s why our puzzle piece and building block stress balls are consistent favorites in our catalog. Be sure to order extras, because people will want to take more than one from your table!

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