Bulk Stress Balls that Really Catch the Eye (or Ear)

The story of marketing is the story of coming up with more and more creative ideas for capturing attention. Advertisers are always searching for a new way to turn the head of a person who’s going about their daily business, getting their focus on their company, product, or service instead. They know that the biggest part of the battle is grabbing attention initially; only after that step is accomplished can you move on to converting that person into a paying customer. Some bulk stress balls are specially designed to help with that all-important first step, and they do it in a variety of different ways. Whether they feature a bright color scheme, a quirky shape, an irresistible squeezing feel, or an unexpected noise, these promotional stress balls are sure to catch the eyes and ears of your target audience.

Colorful Marketing Ideas: Bulk Stress Balls

The obvious choice when you are deciding on a color for your order of bulk stress balls is to use your company or school’s trademark colors. But for the sake of grabbing the attention of folks walking by your exhibit, you may want to also consider bright, even neon colors for some or all of the stress balls you display. Think about the context in which you’ll be trying to reach your audience: a trade show crowded with folks in professional dress, with black tablecloths as far as the eye can see? Several dozen bright yellow or orange promotional stress balls on your table will act as a magnet for the eyes of conference attendees as they walk by. And once you’ve started a conversation with that attendee, you’ve overcome the critical first step to successfully marketing your services to them.

Many of our bulk stress balls are available in bright, eye-catching colors, along with your business’s logo clearly printed on them. Choose a simple design and make it extraordinary by linking your company name with a color that’s simply impossible to ignore.

Is That What It Looks Like?

You can also open the door to a conversation by offering a stress ball that forces someone to do a double-take. Is that really a gorilla-shaped cell phone holder? Is that a mushroom stress ball or the real thing? How about the world’s smallest garden gnome? Take some time to scan through the pages of our online catalog, and we are sure that you’ll begin to snicker as you see how many quirky and often hilarious stress ball designs we offer. If you are interested in finding a way to strike up a conversation with absolutely anyone you run into, try imprinting your logo on a stress ball that practically forces the recipient to raise an eyebrow! And the funnier your promotional stress ball design, the more likely it is that that person will keep it around to show others and give himself a chuckle now and then.

Invite your potential clients to LOL with emoji stress balls!

The Sound of Marketing Success

Of course, we don’t just notice things with our eyes—we also use our ears, and some of our bulk stress balls are designed to capitalize on that fact. The unmistakable sound of a cow, horse, or sports car coming from your booth is sure to spark the curiosity of those in the area…perhaps even someone who’s giving a little too much attention to your direct competitor across the aisle! This is a fun and funny way to get a smile out of someone and introduce them to your company in a way they certainly won’t forget.

Another great benefit of noisemakers and our vibrating promotional stress balls is that kids love them. A conferencegoer will readily pick up one of these balls as a souvenir for a little one back at home, placing your company’s marketing message in the home for some time to come. And if you are using your promotional stress balls at a school or an event where children are in attendance, these silly items are a sure hit. Just be prepared to hear those sounds on a fairly constant basis until the event concludes!

Capitalize on Current Trends

One final category of item that can make your conference booth a crowded place is bulk stress balls that reflect current pop culture trends. One of the biggest ones that comes to mind at the moment is our selection of emoji stress balls. People are intimately familiar with these digital icons, using them on a daily basis, and a physical, squeezable version of an emoji is a sure attention-grabber. You could build an entire marketing approach around these different emojis, inviting visitors to your table to grab the one that best reflects their current mood! Stay aware of what movies, TV shows, sports, and tech trends are most popular, and the chances are pretty high that you will find a stress ball design or two in our catalog that can help you capitalize on them. Part of this approach is being prepared for the ever-rotating sports seasons, from baseball to football to basketball. You can read more about coordinating your marketing strategy with the athletic schedule in one of our archived blogposts.

Open the Door with Bulk Stress Balls

Like any good promotional product, the goal of a stress ball is not to tell the recipient everything they need to know about you, your company, your services, and your reputation. It’s just to create a smooth introduction between you and your potential customer so that you can explain all of those things to them in person. A stress ball that makes that potential customer laugh or ask a question about it accomplishes that goal fantastically right away. If it continues to sit on that person’s desk at home or at work, it can continue to do so by reminding them about your company (and its sense of humor!) on a daily basis. What a great way to get your money’s worth out of a promotional campaign! Take a look at our catalog to see what quirky designs might be right for your next event.

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