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There’s hardly an industry that hasn’t been deeply, and perhaps permanently, impacted by the digital revolution. In the promotional products industry, we have seen complete transformations in areas like shipping, production efficiency, and automation of all sorts of critical processes. In many ways, of course, these changes have caused things to happen more quickly and inexpensively, saving customers money. But in other ways, they can actually hurt customers if they are implemented incorrectly. In today’s blogpost, we tell you about some of the pitfalls that you can fall into if you buy stress balls online from the wrong suppliers.

Devastating Delays

When you buy stress balls online, you need to know that you can depend on your supplier to get your order to you within the time frame that you provide. Obviously, this becomes much more important when your order is connected with a time-specific event, like a trade show or a community 5k or health fair. If your order gets lost, shipped to the wrong address, or delayed for any other reason, you could end up getting your box of event-specific stress balls delivered to your business the day after the event itself! Unfortunately, all it takes for that to happen is something as minor as two numbers in your shipping address being mistyped by an agent, along with the lack of a quality control system to catch mistakes and correct them. This kind of disaster can happen all too easily, and it has the ability to undermine your entire marketing effort. Read customer reviews carefully when choosing a promotional product supplier; any stories about devastating delays or carelessness in handling orders should be a red flag for you.

Incorrect Order Fulfillment

If your order does arrive at your door on time, you still could have a surprise in store when you open up the box. Matching a customer’s company logo, name, and especially colors on promotional products is more difficult than it may seem, and without strict protocols for checking and double-checking accuracy, those details can easily end up incorrect after you buy stress balls online. A giveaway product that has your company name misspelled, shows an inaccurate phone number, or uses colors that don’t match the rest of your marketing campaign, will be all but useless for your special event. Worst of all, if you failed to read the fine print before making your payment, you could be stuck paying for all those useless stress balls anyway.

Price Problems

It’s easier than you might think to overpay when you buy stress balls online. As you know from shopping at online retailers, there are all sorts of surprisingly high shipping rates and hidden fees—extra charges for services that you probably assumed would be included in the basic price that you saw advertised on the supplier’s website. If you have the misfortune to buy stress balls online from a supplier that is skilled in quietly raising the price tag leading up to the final charge, you might find that your marketing budget has taken a hard hit by the time the process is complete. Of course, the two other factors that we considered earlier can also contribute to price increases; if you have to have pay for one-day shipping or rush-order a replacement for an order that didn’t turn out correct, the final cost for this part of your advertising campaign will quickly skyrocket.

Automation Issues

A bulk stress ball supplier that automates its processes might make things easier for its own agents, but automation in the wrong areas can take a toll on the customer. The bottom line is that when you buy stress balls online for a marketing campaign, it is very beneficial to have a human agent with a lot of experience handling your order personally. An experienced human notices things that a machine doesn’t, and is also able to provide valuable advice that could make your campaign much more effective.

The Difference

At our company, we are highly sensitive to all of these potential issues, and for every customer order that comes in, we put forth 100% of our effort to ensure that the shipment of stress balls arrives on time, matches all of the customer’s expectations, and costs what the customer expected to pay based on our advertised price. How exactly do we do that?

Great customer service is just as important today as it was in 1977 when we started.

Our team has been providing promotional products like stress balls since 1977. Since that time, we have experienced the digital revolution just like the other companies in our field, but we have been very careful to maintain the high standards of customer service that were our priorities back when we first started our business. Sometimes, that has meant balancing the efficiency advantages of automation with the human, personal touch that we want to continue giving our customers. As the number of companies offering competing online ordering services has grown, we’ve tried to combine the best of what technology has to offer with the timeless value of human interaction in customer service.

Over our 40+ years of service in a highly competitive industry, you could say that we’ve learned a thing or two about what works in promotional product marketing! When you buy stress balls online from us, you can be sure that you’re getting products that have been tested, carefully considered, and approved by experts in the industry. We understand the intricacies of marketing budgets, and one of our goals is to help you fit your stress ball promotions into your budget—not to try every trick in the book to maximize your invoice when you’re not looking!

We invite you to take a look at the current specials on our home page, explore the categories in our huge online catalog, and contact us if you need help planning your next marketing push. When you buy stress balls online from, you’ll quickly recognize the same difference in customer service that our satisfied customers mention in their testimonials. It will be our pleasure to meet you and work with you on your next campaign!

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