Custom Stress Balls are Eye Catching Promos for the Medical Industry

What are custom stress balls? For a long time people have been using stress balls (or stress relievers) for therapeutic purposes. Whether you are nursing some sort of injury or physical condition, or just tend to feel a whole lot of stress at the workplace, a stress ball can be a useful tool. Stress balls are firm, but pliable balls that fits in the palm of your hand. They can be squeezed to exercise arm and hand tension, or just to relieve stress. Customized stress balls have long been a very popular promotional product for all sorts of businesses. With so many themes, shapes and colors to choose from, it’s easy to find custom stress balls for just about anything. For this reason, they also make excellent giveaways for fairs, trade shows, and events of all kinds.

Stress reliever balls are a great fit for health and wellness industries. Hospitals and doctor’s offices have found them to be very helpful when it comes to drawing blood. Have you ever given blood at the hospital or doctor’s office, or participated in a local blood drive? If so, you likely have seen customized stress balls in use. Believe it or not, we even have a red blood droplet shape stress reliever – a perfect example of how any business can find a stress reliever ball to represent what they sell or do! Health services of all types can easily find many uses for this kind of product. Custom stress balls for the science and medical sector are vast. Science technology companies and research development companies can catch the eye of event attendees with any number of clever shapes like the scientist, microscope shape, the atomic symbol, a blood platelet, brain or chemical flask. Pharmaceutical companies can choose from a variety of pills, tablets or capsule shaped stress relievers. Our customized stress balls in the shape of a capsule even allow you to choose from various capsule colors to match your actual product! If you’re a pharmaceutical rep, just print your logo and contact information on the white half of the capsule and now you have an impressive business card to leave at doctor’s offices.

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