How Do Promotional Stress Balls Fit into Your Marketing Strategy?

In the 21st century, the field of marketing has become unbelievably complex. Technological advances, such as the audience targeting capabilities offered by Google AdWords and other online advertising services, offer unprecedented opportunities for those who know how to use them effectively, and video/audio advertising continue to be important as audiences watch and listen to more media than ever before. With all of these and many more options available to your marketing department, where do promotional stress balls fit in? In this post, we discuss a few reasons why promotional products like custom shaped stress balls should continue to be a central element of your company or organization’s effort to reach more people. They’re far more personal than most marketing activities; they add an unusual layer of sensory reinforcement; and they last far longer than a TV commercial or online ad.

Promotional stress balls fill a unique role in your marketing plan.

Promotional Stress Balls: A Personal Touch

When you think about the bulk of the marketing activities available to you, there’s at least one thing they lack: a truly personal element. Even targeted messages on Facebook and Google are simply efforts to reach out to a stranger and encourage an initial personal contact with you. Promotional stress balls, in contrast, have the power to remind an individual of a personal interaction that they have already had with someone at your organization. Those who have worked in the advertising industry for any length of time are well aware of the power that a personal connection has, and custom stress balls extend the effectiveness of such a connection long after it is created. A potential client who visited your table at a conference, for example, will be reminded of the solutions you suggested, the knowledge you displayed of his business needs, or simply how easy you were to talk to every time he sees that little promotional item sitting on his desk.

Promotional Stress Balls: Something You Can Touch

One of the reasons video advertising is so popular is that appealing to multiple senses in a single marketing message gives that message a much greater impact. Combining visual and audio content enhances an ad, but promotional giveaway items like stress balls add another sensory element: touch. At a very basic level, the ability to hold an item in your hand creates a different kind of connection with it and, by extension, with the company or organization that it came from. Promotional stress balls not only have this tangible quality, but are specially designed to encourage handling, stress relief, “fidgeting,” and other casual uses that continually reinforce the positive message and personal experience that they represent.

It takes a lot of effort for someone from your organization to achieve a face-to-face conversation with a potential client. Anything you can do to magnify the benefit of that experience is invaluable, and the low cost of promotional giveaway items makes them the perfect tool for the task. Adding the sense of touch to the experience is one more thing you can do to maximize your trade show appearances, sales visits, and other interactions throughout the year.

Promotional Stress Balls: They Stick Around

A major factor that marketing departments are forced to combat is the brevity of human memory. Even the most carefully crafted television commercial is doomed to quickly recede into the background of the viewer’s memory, as countless focus groups and surveys confirm. This is one area where promotional stress balls and other items shine: they don’t depend on human memory, but rather serve as a constant “billboard” in front of an individual, displaying your company’s name, logo, and even contact information so that they don’t need to remember them. Your squeezable sports ball or other design will roll around the desk, top drawer, home office, car dashboard, or even the kids’ toybox at home, always keeping that reminder of your company close enough to reach the potential client when they have a need for your services.

One great strategy for using promotional stress balls is to choose a variety of designs that will lend themselves to different areas of a contact’s work and home life. If a visitor to your trade show booth picks up a squeezable cell phone holder, a keychain stress ball, and a mini football, for instance, your small “billboard” has the potential to reach the office desk, the car, and the toybox all at once. With that kind of long-term visibility, it will be difficult for your contact to forget about you!

Order Promotional Stress Balls Now for Trade Show Season

With the start of the new year in January, you’ll probably be lining up plenty of appearances at trade shows and conferences in 2018. In last month’s blogpost, you read about some major developments on the production side that could delay shipments of promotional stress balls and similar items in the near future. Now is the time to coordinate your marketing efforts, determine your budget, strategize about promotional giveaway items, and place your orders. Attending a trade show and talking with dozens of great contacts without having something tangible, fun, and memorable to place in their hands misses a great opportunity, and that’s the position you could be in if you fail to order your promo items in time.

Make the most of your marketing budget in 2018! Whatever digital marketing, media, or other exciting advertising ideas you plan to pursue, don’t forget to include promotional stress balls. The tangible, enduring, and personal nature of this part of your marketing plan makes it one that you can’t afford to overlook. For more great ideas to boost your trade show season, browse our blog archives, check out our huge online catalog to see the great variety we offer, or give us a call to talk to the experts. Our promo items offer all the customizable features you need to make your promotional stress balls unique, true to your brand, and incredibly effective in solidifying a positive experience with current and potential clients.

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