Stress Balls and Buzzwords: It’s a No-Brainer!

If you work in a corporate environment, there are probably a lot of new words and phrases that have wormed their way into your vocabulary. You might not have even noticed it was happening until you unthinkingly used one of those phrases around someone outside your office—perhaps around your family over the Christmas season, for example. A funny look or snicker from someone who heard you may have alerted you to the fact that not everyone talks about “low-hanging fruit” or “disruption” on a daily basis. Have you fallen prey to the buzzword fad?

What better way to encourage ideation than with a light bulb stress ball?

Whether you hate the idea of buzzwords or have wholeheartedly embraced them as convenient ways to express common corporate ideas, we thought it would be interesting to look at how stress balls and their benefits intersect with some of the buzzwords that can be heard every day in offices around the country. And if you hate buzzwords so much that they raise your blood pressure, you can always grab one of those stress balls and take your negative feelings out on it!

Fidgeting and Busy Work

Increasing understanding of psychology in the public sector has led to the development of many buzzwords and “fad” products intended to help people maximize productivity. You’ve no doubt seen kids playing with fidget spinners, the simple yet strangely addicting devices that give the fingers and hands something to do while the brain, ideally, focuses on something more important. Well, we’re proud to say that stress balls have been doing exactly that for a long time! Fidgeting with a stress ball helps an office worker keep their mind on actual work while they do something else physically.

“Busy work” is a buzzword describing tedious work that, while not mentally stimulating, is necessary. It’s exactly the kind of work that logo stress balls can help a worker accomplish more quickly! Entering numbers into a database, for instance, can cause an employee to get bored and make mistakes, but the simple action of squeezing a stress ball helps keep the mind on task and get that busy work done efficiently and accurately.

Mindfulness and Ideation

Both of these interesting buzzwords originated outside the corporate world, but managers everywhere wish that they could incorporate the concepts behind them into their teams’ activities more fully. We all know what it is to daydream, get distracted, and suddenly realize that we’ve spent quite a bit of time not really accomplishing anything of value. Mindfulness describes being very conscious of yourself, your emotional and mental state, what you’re doing, and how you’re affecting the world around yourself. Once again, stress balls can serve an important function in this area, giving the physical part of yourself something to do while your mental component concentrates on awareness, self-evaluation, and keeping on task until the job is done.

“Ideation” may be the most-hated entry in our buzzword list. The word itself can be traced back to 1818, but it’s only recently made its way into common usage. Although it’s become fairly popular in corporate offices, the general public still has quite a disdain for it, as you may have discovered if you dropped the term at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with your family! Placing your feelings about the word itself aside for a moment, stress balls are used by lots of folks to assist with the “ideation” process. Forming an idea, refining it, and focusing it on a problem are all activities that are made easier by exerting some physical energy at the same time.

Thinking Outside the Box and Brand Identity

These two buzzwords are focused not on psychology, but rather on the advertising world. We’re shifting our focus from what custom stress balls actually do to how your organization uses them in marketing. “Thinking outside the box,” of course, means using ideas and tactics beyond the normal patterns of your company or organization to achieve new results. We’re proud to say that browsing the many promotional stress balls in our online catalog is a great way to come up with some out-of-the-box ideas for reaching potential clients and customers and keeping your services near the front of their mind for months or even years to come.

Brand identity might not even deserve to be considered a buzzword—it’s a critical, even necessary feature of any business that intends to give its products or services a unique place in the minds of its audience. Without brand identity, your potential customers will never remember your company’s name, recognize what you do, or get in touch with you directly. Where do stress balls come in? Well, the promotional materials that you distribute at conferences and other public events need to reinforce your brand identity by accurately reflecting your logo, colors, design, and even text font. If those factors are inconsistent across your signage, marketing materials, stress balls, and other promotional products, they won’t establish your brand identity in the minds of the people who encounter them.

At, our process for customizing stress balls is all about keeping brand identity absolutely consistent. We make it very easy for you to upload your artwork, imprint it on the stress ball design you choose, and review a proof to make sure everything matches the efforts you are already making to promote your organization. It’s never been more affordable or more efficient to get custom stress balls that tell your company’s story accurately and in a fun way that your audience is sure to remember for a long time.

Stress Balls: A Real “Game-Changer”

Sorry, we couldn’t resist using one more buzzword! The truth, though, is that stress balls have the potential to fill a significant gap in your marketing strategy. Media advertising and visual marketing materials certainly have an important place, but physical items like stress balls allow you form a unique connection with members of your audience. They build and maintain a positive impression of your organization as they help people achieve mindfulness, ideation, fidgeting, busy work, and whatever other buzzwords are floating around their office at the moment!

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