New Options for Your Promotional Stress Balls

One of the things we are most proud of here at 1001StressBalls is our ability to provide promotional stress balls for just about any marketing campaign, no matter how unusual the company, organization, or specific marketing effort is. That means maintaining an enormous catalog with wide-ranging stress ball designs, colors, and printing options. And if a customer absolutely can’t find the precise design that they have in mind, we can custom-design a brand new stress ball for them—it just takes a little more time and back-and-forth to create a unique design like that.

Starting this month, we’ve also added two exciting new categories to our catalog of promotional stress balls. If you’ve used our products for your organization’s campaigns in the past, you will love changing things up with these new offerings. If you’re looking at incorporating stress balls into a giveaway, conference appearance, or marketing push for the very first time, these two categories will be sure to make your initial effort a smashing success.

Slo-Release Promotional Stress Balls

Our new “Slo-release serenity squishys” are a fun and strangely fascinating variation on our traditional stress bass designs. As with all of our stress balls, these items are soft, squeezable, and durable, giving the stressed-out office worker or college student a simple way to channel some of that tension and get themselves focused on the task at hand more effectively. But our new slo-release stress balls react a little differently to that squeezing motion—rather than popping back to their original shape immediately, they slowly regain their form after you let go of them. Everyone seems entranced by this feature, and we bet you’ll catch yourself squeezing hard, then staring at the stress ball in your hand as it goes back to normal.

Our new full-color printing option is incredibly eye-catching!

As a not-so-coincidental point, staring at your stress ball is exactly what you want your business contacts and potential customers to do after you hand them one of your promotional stress balls! The more fun, distracting, and useful your stress ball design is, the longer it will continue representing your organization to them in a powerful way. You can check out all of our special slo-release squishy designs in the special category listed on the home page of our website. Choose the one that best matches your organization, then customize it with your logo, company name, and message printed in durable, high-quality ink.

Full Color Printing

The various colors in your company logo may be an integral component of its recognizability with the public. Now it’s easy for you to incorporate all of those distinctive branding elements, including highly specific color shades, with our full color printed promotional stress balls. We offer over a dozen stress ball designs, representative of a wide range of generic and specific industries and purposes, for full color printing using a revolutionary new imprinting method. This method makes it possible for your stress balls to accurately and beautifully convey your logo to your audience, no matter how complex and colorful it is. Just check out the examples in our catalog, and you’ll get an idea of how the new full color printing option makes these promotional items pop out and grab attention like never before!

Of course, our full color printing is just as durable as our other black-and-white and two-color imprinting. When you place your order with us, you don’t need to worry that your colors will fade, flake off, or get rubbed out soon after your potential client takes your promotional stress balls back to work and sets them on his desk. We’ve been achieving fantastic customer satisfaction for decades with our products, and you don’t do that by offering stress balls that are cheaply made and get tossed into the closest trash can! Our clients come to us again and again to order our high quality items for their various marketing efforts, because they know that they can trust them to act as great-looking billboards for their organizations long after the initial face-to-face meeting. Our full-color printing offering, with an incredibly short order turnaround time of about 15 days, takes the eye-catching properties of our stress balls to the next level.

What Does Your Marketing Campaign Need?

Of course, these two new categories are very exciting, but they’re just the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of what’s available in the 1001StressBalls catalog for your next marketing project. No matter what design you select, from basic to highly unusual, from simple black-and-white imprinting to a beautiful full-color logo, we are certain that you’ll be able to perfectly reflect the mood and mission of your campaign with our products. Our expert staff is always available to help you find the right design, and our online system allows you to submit your logo and message, then benefit from our experience as we recommend any changes that can make your design as successful as possible. We have learned what will look fantastic and what may not work as well; what fonts and sizes are best for communicating your message; and whether your logo will look the way you envision it before you pay for your order. This can save you a lot of money and headache, getting your design exactly right the first time rather than going through a frustrating and expensive trial-and-error process.

With conference season fully under way, you won’t want to hesitate to place your order for high quality, impressive-looking promotional stress balls. Rush ordering is available on most designs, so you can count on having your promotional items in time for your next event. Check out the discounted designs on our home page, look through our new full-color and slo-release stress balls, and choose the items that will perfectly remind your new contacts about the great experience that they have talking with you and your organization’s representatives. If you have any questions, we will be more than happy to provide assistance and make your campaign a stress-free stress-ball success!

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