Promotional Products and Promotional Stress Balls for Business, Schools & Organizations

Our everyday surroundings are inundated with branded products. We don’t realize it because it’s just “normal”. Think about it: just about everything has a logo or custom message of some kind letting us know who made it, where the person on line next to us in the grocery store went to college, who our favorite sport team is, etc.…Branding products is an important way to send a visual message that can make a long lasting impact.

It is for this reason that all businesses – big and small – need a marketing budget and advertising plan. Promotional products range in price from under one dollar to top shelf corporate gifts. No matter your size, if you run a business you need to promote yourself. Trends in specialty advertising change all of the time. A few years back a 1 gigabyte flash drive with your logo would have been a hefty investment. Nowadays memory products are so popular and widespread that most companies buy imprinted flash drives at no less than 8 gigabits of memory. Some products have faded away and become irrelevant like paper calendars, business card magnets and picture frames: things that have been replaced by the smartphone. But other promo products withstand the test of time such as promotional stress balls, trade show tote bags and of course pens (make sure it has a stylus on the tip though!).

When considering a product to advertise your brand, think about something that is either useful to just about anybody, or an item that represents your company. You might be surprised that you can purchase a brand name, quality pen at an affordable price these days. The beauty of promotional products is that buying things in bulk brings the price down. Most of the brands you find in the retail store also sell their products in the promotional industry. With so many categories of products it is easy to match up something to put your logo on with your company’s mission. If you are going for the useful product think about your surroundings and what sort of stuff you may use yourself. If you live in a warm climate an auto sun shade is a giant moving billboard for your brand! If you live in the tundra think about an ice scraper or other auto safety tool with your logo.

Alternatively think about a customized product related to your business or service. If you are in the medical supply or pharmaceutical industry than a pill holder or medicine tray compliments your service. If you are in the financial industry than promotional stress balls are the perfect option. No matter what your role in finances, it’s a stressful business. We have a great variety of stress ball shapes for the financial industry including a dollar sign, money bag and a stressed out man! Put your custom logo on one of these shapes and let your employees or clients squeeze away the stress.

Industry and professional recruiters utilize tons of swag. Spending a lot of time on top college and university campuses identifying talent, you need to stand out from the crowd. It’s safe to assume most undergrads and grads live on a frugal budget and love free stuff. Stand out from your competition with branded swag. College students love technology related stuff. We sell lots of usb car adapters, earbuds and headphones, mobile wallets and smart wallets, charging devices and power banks. Put your firm’s logo and contact info directly on your giveaways and your brand will be ever-present after your initial contact. Of course media and technology products can add up if you need hundreds or thousands of giveaways for students. Again, the ever-popular promotional stress balls are a great option. What student can’t use a squeeze stress relief at 2 am in the library stacks right? Our best seller is the brain stress ball which is available in thirteen popular logo and school colors. If you are searching out medical or science students we have a doctor, nurse, scientist, microscope, bones, blood platelets, and body parts of all kinds. The options are truly limitless when it comes to promotional products. There is a price point and item for every business and organization for every need imaginable.

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