Stress Balls are the #1 Choice for Colleges & Universities

Colleges and universities are ideal places to utilize customized stress relief products on campus. A stress ball is perfect for counseling centers, student health services and career development centers – just to name a few campus departments. These firm yet squeezable balls fit in the palm of your hand and really work to help students relieve some of the daily stress. Studies have shown that when we are stressed out, our body gets tense. The squeeze and release action created by squeezing a stress ball helps release negative energy. Squeezing one may also improve hand strength and dexterity. Students can keep the ball in their backpack, ready for use in the lecture hall or late nights in the library. Stress balls can be customized in many ways such as a college logo or the university counseling center hotline phone number.

Imprinted stress reliever balls are a great give-a-way at school fundraisers, rallies and enrollment fairs. They are light of weight, easy to transport and because they are made of durable polyurethane they are tough enough to take a squeeze over and over again! So many institutes of higher learning have discovered how to utilize a colorful, customized stress reliever as the perfect promotional item. We have a large selection of education themed shapes that fit all programs and events on campus. The brain stress ball is a top-seller for colleges and universities. Available in many popular school colors, the brain shape is a symbol that will remind students of the primary reason that they are attending college! An animal stress ball that represents your beloved school mascot can be used as a giveaway at the stadium or school spirit event. A fruit shape stress reliever can be used by health services to send a message about making healthy lifestyle choices. Enrolled students, alumni, parents and perspective students will enjoy receiving a personalized memento of their chosen college or university.

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