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Buying stress balls in bulk can help your business excel in long-term promotion any month of the year. By imprinting your unique logo on one of our fun, goofy, or unusual stress ball designs, you’ll have a tool that your sales staff, customer service reps, and others can use to establish a foothold in the memory of folks who may later need your services. But your promotional product campaigns can be taken to the next level and become even more effective when you tie them into seasonal topics. Offering new stress balls at different times of the year makes it even more likely that your potential customers and business contacts will always have a fresh reminder of your organization and what it can do for them. Here’s a convenient “calendar” to take you through the year, reminding you of a few of the potential promotional tie-ins that you can take advantage of.

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The beginning of the calendar year has quite a few opportunities for stress ball promotion. New Year’s Day, of course, is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, and with enough advance planning, you can be ready to launch the new year with a campaign oriented around new beginnings and fresh starts.

The Super Bowl, arguably America’s favorite sports event, takes place in late January or early February and is a great chance for your company to capitalize on football fever. Valentine’s Day also falls in February, and the “Holiday” page of our online catalog features plenty of designs to help you show your customers how much you love them!


While Easter offers some opportunity for holiday-themed promotion, the greater benefit for a company’s marketing campaigns during this period is in the celebration of spring itself. Office workers who spend most of their day at a desk indoors love being able to decorate their space with little reminders of the explosion of life that’s happening right outside. And don’t forget about March Madness! The college basketball craze that sweeps the nation creates an ideal opportunity for you to incorporate basketball-themed stress balls into your marketing strategy to great effect.

Spring is also the heart of the “conference and trade show season.” For many businesses, this is the high point of the year in terms of making connections with others in the industry. You’ll want to make sure that whatever themes you choose for your stress ball campaigns, you have plenty of stock on hand to distribute to your new contacts, setting the stage for continued interaction throughout the coming year.


Everyone loves summer! In the 1001StressBalls catalog, you will find lots of designs to help you associate your brand with vacation, sports, the beach, and all the other things that people look forward to enjoying during the warmer months.

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Show your company or organization’s patriotism! A search for “patriotic” in our catalog brings up over a dozen US flag-themed stress ball designs, including key chains, to display your national pride while you accomplish your marketing goals at the same time.

For campus organizations and companies that pursue college students, August is the most important month of the year. As freshmen arrive at school for the first time and upperclassmen return for another year, these organizations need to have plenty of stress balls with their logo on hand for distribution. Missing the flurry of student activity fairs and freshman orientation events at the beginning of the school year or being caught off guard without enough promotional items would be a complete disaster!


While you won’t find many national holidays during these two months, you will find two very important sports events: the start of both the NFL and college football season! Big cities with NFL teams go all out to support them, but in many parts of the country, college football is an even bigger deal. Depending on where your company is based or where your biggest audience is located, you can choose football-themed stress balls from our catalog that proudly display the colors of your team of choice. Or play it safe and have your logo imprinted on a variety of differently colored football and helmet stress balls so that your customers can choose the one that best reflects their NFL team or alma mater.

Give your marketing effort a spooky twist around Halloween with our pumpkin, ghost, bat, and other great stress ball designs. Obviously, you’ll probably want to offer some candy at your trade show table along with these promo items to get even more attention!

football season


Thanksgiving and Christmas rank among everyone’s favorite holidays of the year, and they fall in close proximity every year. Once you give away some Christmas-themed stress balls to your business contacts, they’re likely to make an appearance again on their desks on an annual basis, as those folks look for ways to bring the holiday spirit to the office.

Staying on Schedule

Your promotional item giveaways can become incredibly effective when they are tied to the holidays, university schedule, and sports seasons that happen cyclically throughout the year. There is one crucial component to any of these successful campaigns, however, and that is advance planning. It’s not enough to think a few weeks ahead—you need to be thinking about what your football season stress balls will look like early in the year so that you can settle on a design, place your order, and get your stock in before the season starts.

If you need help figuring out what stress ball designs are best for your seasonal campaigns, or if an event has snuck up on you and you need to place a rush order, get in touch with us directly. Our staff is highly experienced and ready to answer whatever questions you may have about the imprinting and shipping processes. Just email us or call us today to plan your winning strategy!

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