4 Great Conversation Starters

All of the stress balls in our catalog are very effective as “long-term billboards”—that is, items that carry your organization’s name and logo, keeping them in front of your potential clients for months or even years.

But with some of our stress ball designs there are other important benefits as well. This month on our blog, we wanted to tell you about our best “conversation starter” designs.

These creative shapes and themes, from our very popular brain stress ball to building blocks that really interlock with each other, are sure to spark lively discussions. Whether it’s at the event table or back in the office later on, those discussions just may lead to new business relationships as well.

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  1. Brain Stress Ball

The brain stress ball is one of our all-time best selling designs. It’s no surprise, since the human brain is arguably the most incredible thing on the face of the earth! There is an infinite supply of amazing facts about the brain that you can use to start conversations with new contacts at events of all kinds.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to visually associate your brand with intelligence, wisdom, and all of the other qualities that are centered in the brain. With all of this potential, it’s no surprise that so many of our customers choose this design to be the centerpiece of their most important promotional efforts.

  1. Football Stress Ball

If there’s one thing that Americans can be depended on to talk about, it’s sports! Football stress balls have the seemingly supernatural ability to turn complete strangers into fast friends—or friendly rivals, depending on who their favorite teams are.

Block Stress Ball

You can take our football designs in several different directions to promote your brand. Your company may want to express solidarity with your local college or NFL teams, or you may choose to use your company colors for a less team-specific look.

Either way, the sports fans within both your company and your sales base will find plenty to chat about, argue about, and build relationships over when you make football a prominent element of your campaign.

And don’t forget about our other popular sports too! When March Madness comes around in the spring, you’ll want to have plenty of basketball-themed stress balls on hand.

  1. Emoji Stress Ball

Emojis have fundamentally changed the way some people communicate, making them a perfect theme for conversation-launching stress balls! Taking these expressive faces and symbols out of the texting world and giving them physical form creates an eye-catching display at any event booth.

With a variety of emoji stress ball designs on hand, you and your sales team will find it easy to strike up conversations with potential customers about their challenges, how they make them feel, and how your services can put a smile on their face.

If you’re looking for something that will really get folks talking, you can’t do better than our incredibly popular poo emoji! Few people will be able to pass up this quirky design, so be sure to order in bulk!

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  1. Building Block Stress Ball

Every company is looking to build something great. Most companies are also looking to build profitable relationships with other businesses, and both ideas are effectively communicated by our building block stress ball.

This is another of our most popular shapes, and it creates unique opportunities for you to gather a crowd around your trade show event table. Because these stress balls actually interlock with each other, you can build an eye-catching display and invite your visitors to try out their architectural skills as well!

This icebreaker is so effective that starting conversations will happen naturally—and in the meantime, you’ll be building great business relationships with great dividends to come down the road.

Conversations at the Trade Show

So far we’ve been focusing on trade shows and other events where your sales staff is likely to be interacting for the first time with people. Your team might be made up of expert conversationalists already, or you may have newer folks who haven’t yet gained the confidence to stick out a hand and introduce themselves to a stranger.

In either case, creative stress balls can help to launch meaningful conversations, especially when you come up with scripts and other ideas as a team using your promotional giveaway items as the focus.

The more you associate your most important services with these tangible, physical items, the more your new business contacts will remember them after they’ve left the conference and returned to their home office. This effective use of stress balls and other promo items takes a lot of planning, but the payoff is certainly worth it!

Conversations at the Office

But there are other conversations created by stress balls in addition to the ones your sales team has directly with new contacts. Just as a stack of building blocks or a familiar emoji attracts attention at the trade show, it does the same thing as it sits on your contact’s desk back at the office.

“Where did you get that?” is a question that inevitably leads to great free publicity for your organization, multiplying the reach of your marketing campaign long after the event itself has concluded.

Hundreds of Possibilities

We’ve only introduced you to four of our most popular stress ball designs, but there are hundreds more for you to check out in the 1001StressBalls catalog.

Among those hundreds of designs are plenty of quirky, unusual, and just plain funny stress balls that are certain to spark even more types of conversations, both at the conference and around the office. You’ll find themes around animals, sports, holidays, foods, and science topics that you probably didn’t expect, and that your audience won’t expect either.

Think outside the box for your organization’s next promotional campaign, and you’ll be amazed at the great conversations that come out of it!

Have fun with your next campaign.

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