A Marketing Gem: Promotional Stress Balls

Promotional stress balls are customized for the purpose of business advertising and marketing. Many people search for them on the internet using the search term “personalized stress balls”. The word “personalized” may also denote a retail quantity or one stress ball with a personal message on it to gift to somebody. If you are a business person looking to imprint your logo and contact information on a stress relief ball and purchase them in wholesale quantities, than you are in the market for promotional stress reliever balls.

Only a few decades ago the types of shapes and symbols available in the stress ball industry were limited. You had the classic round ball, available in a few classic colors. Eventually a few universally popular new shapes arrived like the Earthball, valentine heart, football, basketball and baseball. As promotional stress balls gained traction as a desirable promotional product for large events like conventions, industry and trade shows more and more stress ball shapes arrived on the scene to meet the demands of expanding use. Today’s promo shopper literally has hundreds of fun and colorful shapes to choose from. So much so, that our own stress ball web store has over forty shopping categories for customized stress relief balls!

Colleges and universities love the brain shape stress ball. It’s available in 13 colors to match any school logo. Athletics departments can choose from a variety of sports balls or team mascots to really boost team spirit at sporting events and fund raisers. Does your business work in or support real estate? Think about a house shape stress ball. With a large imprint area on both sides of the roof, your company logo, telephone number, website and list of services will tell potential clients all they need to know! Promotional stress balls are a visually appealing marketing item that has endless uses for endless advertising.

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