Stress Relief Balls Great for Teamwork and Team-Building Exercises

Customs stress balls are a smart choice for teamwork building initiatives, new hire training’s and employee training workshops.  Think about stress relief balls in shapes that embody the theme of teamwork. We have a teamwork puzzle set, building blocks and puzzle piece shapes in assorted colors, and a stressed out man. The teamwork puzzle set is three inter-locking people figures in 3 colors. For only one imprint charge you can put a unique message on each figure. This is why it’s a top pick for instructors of workshops and information sessions.  The stressed out man is all twisted up and filled with work related anxiety! He is a great reminder for employees to keep on their desk that getting stressed out isn’t worth the negative energy and raised blood pressure!

Custom stress balls shaped like building blocks are by far a top seller. Building blocks can have so many positive meanings and therefore can be used by any company to send any message to their employees, customers or clients. Available in ten popular colors, stress relief balls in the shape of building blocks can be purchased in an assortment of colors, each with their own unique logo or message. The pieces can stack on top of each other for a unique branding campaign or teamwork building exercise. This is a great option if you need a promotional product with enough imprint space for your own logo, plus sponsor logos. Each block can have a unique logo and tagline or message.

Another fun use of custom stress balls for teamwork or team-building are our line of Mood Maniacs. These little wobbly guys are available in five expressions: happy, stressed, wacky, apathetic and angry. These stress relief balls can also be purchased in an assortment and used in many creative ways. The back of each Mood Maniac can be customized with your logo or message too.


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