Build a “Teamwork Attitude” with Customized Stress Balls

The holidays have come and gone and we are 15 years into the new century! We have so many technical advances at our fingertips but are bombarded daily with nail biting news of a weak economy, massive layoffs, worldwide pandemics, cyber hacking, destructive climate changes…to name just a few! STRESS is our constant companion. Many people wake up exhausted before the day begins. Anti-anxiety and anti-depressant pills are as common as aspirin in today’s fast paced life.  May we offer a low tech alternative to popping pills? How about relieving the pressure by squeezing the heck out of a stress ball!

Customized stress balls are a staple of the advertising industry. Because promotional stress balls are available in such a grand assortment of custom shapes, they fit in with the marketing needs of so many businesses. They are cost effective compared to other give-a-way items, but are very durable and effective. And yes, the squeeze and release motion does help with stress relief.

There are hundreds of stress reliever ball shapes to choose from. We have an ever-growing inventory or new shapes to keep up with new companies and trends – we even have a “Networking Bird” stress ball available in both brown and blue for the high tech social media start-ups out there. Consider how your message on customized stress balls can promote your business or service. Hand promotional stress balls out at fundraisers, industry shows, in house events, or anywhere that you want to make an impression. A great example of this is our popular Building Block Stress Reliever.

Team building is an important concept for every business and every organization. If your employees do not possess a “teamwork attitude”, than you will not get the most out of your team on a daily basis. These colorful blocks fit into one another to perfectly emphasize team building. You have ten vibrant colors to choose from and also have the advantage of printing multiple messages on two sided locations. Stacking these customized stress balls drive home a point to any office or workplace about the importance of operating as a team! Squeezing promotional stress balls may not be as effective as yoga or tai chi, but it can be done anytime or any place during a busy day! Give your employees the gift of stress relief. Give your customers an outlet for tension.

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