Getting the Ball Rolling with Bulk Stress Balls

Once a potential client of yours or a great business contact has one of your personalized stress balls in hand, you can be very happy about the fact that it will advertise your business to them for a long time to come. He’ll place your stress ball on his desk or perhaps in his car, where he will see your company name and logo many, many times—and hopefully remember what you can do for him at the moment that he is in need of your services. There is an assumption behind this success story, though: that you were able to have a conversation with that person and place a stress ball in his hand in the first place.

Just having a box of bulk stress balls to hand out at a conference isn’t enough. There are dozens or even hundreds of other businesses trying to do the same thing at a large conference, and some of those businesses are undoubtedly your direct competitors. If you want your bulk stress balls to make a lasting impression, you need to do two things at once: first, offer great, high-quality stress balls that people are going to want to hang onto and place in a prominent area where they will see them. Second, and critically, you also need to attract the attention of people passing by your display and have a great conversation with them. Here’s how personalized stress balls can help you do both.

Colors are Key

When you place your order for bulk stress balls, you’ll want to think very hard about the colors that you choose to work with. Your company’s signature colors may be dark, understated, and very professional, but that might not quite do the trick when your goal is to get someone to stop and take a closer look at what your display has to offer. Can you use a stress ball design with a color that is a variation on your company colors, but much brighter and exciting? Perhaps you can use a fluorescent or neon base color, but retain your company’s signature colors in the name and logo imprinting. Try to strike just the right balance between staying true to your company’s brand and offering a promotional item that demands attention.

Bulk Stress Balls

When you look at the color options available for many of the most popular stress balls in our online catalog, you will realize that we have made excitement and brilliance top priorities. The most “generic” designs, including football, puzzle piece, and the ever-popular simple round design, are available in dozens of bright color shades that simply won’t allow a person with a functional sense of sight to ignore them! Imprint your company’s logo on one of these stress balls, and you’ll be well on your way to launching a meaningful conversation with a potentially profitable client who can’t help but stop and pick one up.

Display Strategy

The way you actually display your bulk stress balls at your booth or table might deserve more attention than you think. We could talk about a lot of specific strategies, but the best way for you to brainstorm the best display strategy for you is to place yourself squarely in the shoes of a visitor to your booth. Go ahead and walk around to the other side of the table and visualize what you would most like to see on it. Two stress balls sitting in the middle of the table? That could suggest that your company could only afford a small promotional campaign and wants to conserve what it gives away. A huge pile of stress balls overflowing onto the floor? That could indicate a lack of professionality and concern for appearance on the part of your business. In addition, a courteous visitor may avoid taking a stress ball from that pile out of fear that they could start an avalanche!

These negatives are not necessarily things that every visitor to your table will think through on a conscious level; it’s more of an overall impression that the average person will form within a few seconds of arriving at your display (or even while walking past it!). In contrast, if your table shows a neatly organized array of beautiful, exciting personalized stress balls, the immediate first impression is that your company is professional, detail-oriented, and knows exactly what it’s trying to do. And that’s a company that the average conference attendee can get excited about doing business with.

Conversation Starters

Once a person stops and picks up a stress ball, what happens next? In the worst-case scenario, they could simply walk away with a reminder about your company but no concrete, useful facts about your company to remember. Your ultimate goal isn’t simply to get one of your bulk stress balls into a visitor’s hand, but to make that stress ball a symbol of a great conversation that they had with you. Work with the folks staffing your table to make sure that you are all ready to launch meaningful conversations with whoever stops by your table, quickly making the transition from small talk and introductions to finding out what their needs are and explaining how you can meet those needs for them. Don’t assume that you will have lots of time to talk with each visitor to your table; remember that he has a lot of other things to do at the conference, and monopolizing his time could come across as rude. That’s certainly not the impression you want to leave on behalf of your company!

And that’s a major point of offering bulk stress balls in the first place: to remind your new contact about the brief yet important, value-filled conversation that he had with you at the conference. When you have your talking points carefully planned out and you have your personalized stress balls planned out just as carefully, you have a winning combination that will make the most of your promotional budget and your conference appearance.

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