Logo Stress Balls and Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is an incredibly detailed science. You barely think about the iconic logos and brand names that you see every day, but you would be amazed to discover just how much research, debate, testing, analysis, re-testing, and trademarking went on before those logos finally became visible to the public. Even after the release of a logo, marketing experts are constantly monitoring how it makes audiences think—and more importantly, feel—about the brand, and they may eventually decide to make modifications to the design or redesign it altogether. Even if your organization doesn’t have millions of dollars to spend on branding, the logo and other brand recognition elements that you present to the public are incredibly important. Here’s why, and why your promotional products like logo stress balls need to be precisely in line with the rest of your branding and marketing efforts.

Your Colorful Subconscious

There are many, many things that go on inside your brain when you see a company’s branding, and most of those things are in your subconscious. Color associations are a huge subconscious element. Just look at how the same single color is used in the branding of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Lowes, AT&T, and Ford—companies in a variety of different markets. Psychologists have discovered that humans naturally associate certain colors with certain emotions, and the color blue usually suggests trustworthiness. Other companies may want to emphasize excitement, power, wealth, creativity, or fun—other emotions that are associated with various colors.

Logo Stress Balls

Aside from the emotional impact of your organization’s logo colors, there is another important feature that applies directly to the design of logo stress balls: color matching. As humans, our eyes are able to differentiate between surprisingly subtle variations in color shades. Unfortunately, it is also notoriously difficult to replicate the exact same color shade on products created using different equipment. In some cases, even items created during different runs or on different days on the same equipment may not match each other precisely in terms of color. The result of this inconsistency is that your audience—again, mainly in their subconscious—may begin to associate your brand with inconsistency and a lack of dependability.

Standing Out

Font is another factor that is closely tied to your brand recognition. You can easily picture the fonts used for brands like Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, and Google. It’s important to strike a balance between a font that is unusual enough to attract attention, but also clear enough to be immediately understood. Company names printed in plain, generic fonts are in danger of being overlooked, especially in the context of a trade show or conference at which dozens or hundreds of organizations are competing for attention. Logo stress balls with a nondescript color and a basic font are highly unlikely to make any impression at all on your booth’s visitors!

Because logo stress balls are small, there can be some challenges when imprinting a complex company logo onto them. The more ornate, detailed, and complicated a font is, the less successfully it will translate onto the stress ball medium. This makes it difficult to read, and as a result, your audience will not be left with a positive lasting impression of your organization. This is one area where it really pays off to work with an experienced professional in designing your marketing campaign’s logo stress balls. A person like that can help you anticipate how well your company name will translate onto the stress ball design you choose, and if necessary, suggest some variations or alternatives that may give you a better result. This consultation could save you a lot of money and a lot of logo stress balls that you simply aren’t comfortable giving away to potential customers because of the way they look.

Do Your Logo Stress Balls Reflect Your Organization?

Perhaps the greatest quality of logo stress balls is their ability to adopt your organization’s identity and promote it in a fun, creative way. If you order your shipment of stress balls from a company with hundreds of different designs to choose from, you can select a design that reflects your company directly, the specific event that your promotional campaign is centered on, or a special push to market a single product or idea. Whatever design you choose, however, it will be imperative to ensure that your logo stress balls supplier can replicate your logo and font accurately and can match your signature colors as closely as possible.

But what can you do if your logo is multicolored and complex? At 1001StressBalls, we now offer a number of select designs with a full color printing option. You will find these designs in their own special category of our online catalog, and we think you will love the way your organization is represented by them. As with all of our imprinting projects, you will enjoy the benefit of having an experienced agent examine your image upload and determine whether it will be successful “as is” or whether it would be better to make minor adjustments to get the best possible result.

Personal Guidance with Logo Stress Balls

Most of the folks that come to us to order a shipment of logo stress balls for a conference, advertising push, or community event are very skilled marketers. They understand how important branding is, and they probably even understand the intricacies of color-emotion links, font selection, and the great importance of consistent branding across different kinds of promotional products. But what they don’t have at their disposal is an intimate knowledge of each of our stress ball designs, our imprinting process, and how their logo will coordinate with them. When we receive a logo upload, we don’t just blindly print it onto the stress ball and hope for the best. Instead, we think carefully about what the final product will look like and we make whatever suggestions we can to help the customer get exactly what they need: an incredible, memorable promotional item that beautifully reflects their unique brand.

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