How Promotional Stress Balls Can Grow Your Brand

Something as simple as stress balls may not seem like a way that you can help your business grow but using promotional stress balls as a way to market your brand is surprisingly very effective.

Stress balls are commonly used in universities and workplaces of all kinds. However, most people simply use a monochrome stress ball nearly every day, the benefit of selling a promotional stress ball can be easily seen by any savvy businessperson.

Did you know there are proven scientifically proven health benefits to using a stress ball?

Did you know there are proven scientifically proven health benefits to using a stress ball?

Promotional Stress Balls For College Students

Companies of all kinds go to various universities for career fairs and other networking events like these. Most of these companies will give out a pen or notebook with their name on it in hopes that these students remember them when using these.

Unfortunately, most of these basic school supplies get lost, thrown away, or stashed away under the mountain of other pencils and binders that the student already has. Companies at these career fairs should try their best to stand out and stress balls could be the key.

Giving out promotional stress balls to students will not only help your business stand out because of how unique they are as a giveaway item but in how often they will be used.

College can get very stressful at times, especially around midterm and final exams and many students will buy stress balls of their own to help keep their minds focused. If your company gives a student a stress ball with your brand on it, you will be amazed at how often it gets used.

It only makes sense that the student that used this stress ball for so long will have your company’s name in mind for as long as they have it.

Promotional Stress Balls For the Workplace

Stress balls are a common sight in many work environments and giving away promotional ones are a great way to promote your brand without spending too much on marketing.

Stress balls tend to last for quite a long time too, a person could keep your promotional stress ball on their desk for months and this is a great way to promote your business to everyone in that workplace.

Plus, for the people that get a lot of use out of a promotional stress ball, they may look back at that stress ball fondly and remember how it helped them through difficult times. Having your brand attached to that feeling is incredibly valuable and can make a dedicated customer out of someone.

Is It Easy to Get Promotional Stress Balls?

There are plenty of online retailers that are able to put custom designs onto stress balls of all shapes and sizes. While it may take some time, it is certainly an easy process to order promotional stress balls.

You essentially only need a logo that is simple and small enough to fit onto a stress ball and the rest is up to you. You can adjust the size and shape of the stress ball to your preferences and even the color to match your company colors or just to stand out.

For bulk orders, promotional stress balls tend to take a pretty fair amount of time to make because the designs are actually pressed into the stress ball’s material. However, the extra wait is worth it because there is almost no chance that your design will fade away or fall off of the stress ball for a long time.


While it may not be painfully obvious, stress balls are among the most commonly used products in the world today. Plenty of people use them daily and using them as a way to promote and grow your brand is a surprisingly lucrative business decision.

A great place to get bulk amounts of stress balls of all kinds online is at 1001 Stress Balls. They have been selling promotional stress balls since 1977 and are wholeheartedly committed to making quality products.

They are well known for making custom shapes that stand out and last a long time as well as making great looking promotional stress balls. Be sure to peruse the website and buy stress balls if you are looking to use these great products to promote your business!

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