Help Keep Employees Stress Free With a Stress Ball

After we all experienced 2020, it has become clear that stress is now a facet of our everyday lives and is not going away anytime soon. We all need a way to manage stress and keep it from taking over our daily lives, especially at work. Many people suggest taking a break from the stressor but oftentimes employees are working on a deadline and cannot take a break. When those times hit, custom stress balls can help alleviate stress.

Stress balls can help divert your energy while still maintaining your mental focus. They can also help release your pent-up energy from stress. Custom stress balls are also a great marketing and employee tool that many businesses use to advertise their company uniquely.

Divert Focus

Stress balls help us divert focus from whatever is causing us stress. It’s like a little form of exercise, exercise works as a form of stress relief because physical activity diverts our attention from mental stresses. Even something as simple as squeezing your hand with a stress ball can help fight off stress.

Squeezing a stress ball activates nerves in our hands that keep our brain focused on that movement. This keeps the brain from focusing on what is causing the stress. Even a small mental break from stress can go a long way to keeping stress away and help employees stay focused on the job at hand.

This action also helps pump oxygen into your system. The more you move, even your hand, the more your blood goes through your system. Oxygen does wonders to help you feel better and alleviate stress. Give your employees a way of moving even while sitting with a stress ball and see the stress begin to stay away.

Release Energy

Stress can often be thought of as negative energy building up in your body. Squeezing a stress ball helps release that energy, much like fidget spinners and gadgets can. This repeated movement helps relax our muscles and keeps tension from building up.

Repeated hand movement goes a long way to reducing stress and keeping tension from building up. No matter where someone may store their stress physically, whether it be their shoulders or back, hand movements can help release that tension. This helps create a healthy work environment for employees.

This release of energy makes stress balls a great option for work when you cannot take an extended break to exercise or walk. You and your employees can enjoy the benefits of a brisk walk without having to leave the office or even the desk.

Mental Health Tool

Physical exercise is a great mental tool to help manage stress. Unfortunately, not every office has the space to allocate for employees to exercise, and not every employee can take time to exercise. Providing stress balls in bulk can help provide a way for employees to get a little work out while still working.

When employees can manage their stress it helps them manage their workload. Stress can keep people from finishing tasks and focusing on work, whether that stress is work-related or not. Stress balls are a great way to help employees stay focused on the job and keep stress from building up.

When employees can manage their stress effectively, their mental health can improve. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t feel stress, especially after 2020. Provide your employees with the tools needed to manage their stress effectively and keep them focused on important tasks. All without needing to take a break for a walk.


Stress has become a part of our daily lives. Everyone needs ways to manage stress when it creeps up on you, including employees. Stress from anywhere can hinder activities and keep people from finishing tasks. Help keep stress from impacting your employees by offering quick solutions to managing stress.

To help your employees manage their stress and mental health, peruse our website and consider ordering custom stress balls. We have stress balls for every kind of office and business. Keep your employees engaged in their work and manage their stress with a fun stress ball. Stress is manageable, even in an office with busy schedules.

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