Making It Yours: Stress Ball Logo Printing

The beauty of using stress ball logo printing as an important element of your organization’s next promotional campaign is that it is simple. On our end, we provide a stress ball that is made from high quality materials, holds up with time, and catches the eye of everyone who sees it. You, our customer, provide us with your company name, a logo, and any other information that you want to communicate on a long-term basis to the folks that you meet in the course of business. Put those two together and you have a great marketing tool that’s fun, effective, and inexpensive—perfect for a wide range of different corporate events, conferences, customer interactions, and other publicity efforts. It’s that specific process, putting your information and our products together, that this blogpost is focused on. Stress ball logo printing is a tricky process, and getting it wrong is a marketing disaster. So here’s how we at get it right.

Stress Ball Logo Printing Basics

Printing a company or school’s logo and name on a stress ball is much different from printing it on a sheet of paper. There are certain things you just can’t do on the surface of a stress ball, and there are other things that you shouldn’t do—that is, they are technically possible, but the results will not be what the customer has in mind. We do our best to provide each customer with the information they need to upload a logo and text that will be successful, helping them achieve the end goal that they want: a stress ball logo design that communicates their message with simplicity, memorability, and a lot of fun.

Less is More

If there’s one thing we would like our customers to keep in mind when brainstorming on what type of text and logo they want to upload for their customized stress ball, it’s the idea that “less is more.” A stress ball is a small item—that’s why it’s so easy for a customer or business contact to drop it in their briefcase or purse and hang onto it. But that also means that there is a very limited area on which your message can appear. If your company’s standard logo has an intricate design, shading, or other fine details, it probably will not translate well into stress ball logo printing. Likewise, coming up with a long, comprehensive message for your stress ball recipients will backfire. The small font size necessary to fit that long message onto your stress ball will make it illegible, and while the stress balls will still be fun to play with, no one will remember where they picked them up or what company they represent!

Our pros will help you finalize the perfect logo design for your stress balls.

The most successful stress balls are those that have a brief message—we recommend three lines of text, in general. Larger stress balls with a greater area for imprinting may be able to accommodate four or even five lines of text, but that usually pushes the boundaries a bit. As far as logo images, simple graphics with a single solid color come through very well and continue to remind folks about your organization years after you have that first conversation with them.

Expert Help with Stress Ball Logo Printing

That advice on logo and text imprinting is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advice that the experts at 1001StressBalls can provide for you as you put together your stress ball order. We don’t intend for you to figure it out as you go along—if your project has special factors that make it a little more complicated, or if you have a question about how your proposed imprint might look on the final product, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and put our years of experience to work to make it the very best it can be. The experience represented at our company really shines during the proofing phase of a project. Once we have your submission, we email you a proof image, which shows you clearly how your message and logo will look on the stress ball design you choose. You might spot an issue that you hadn’t anticipated, in which case we can help you resolve it and get the best result. Or we may be able to anticipate that your imprint may be less than successful and recommend minor alterations to the design that will really make it “pop” the way you want it to. Of course, there is also always the possibility that your uploaded message may have a misspelling or other mistake that you don’t want in the final product. Our proofing experts will help you catch those small mistakes, which can translate into big problems if they escape detection!

The Disadvantage of Rush Ordering

A big topic in stress ball logo printing is rush ordering. If your trade show or community event is coming up more quickly than you realized, you may be looking into placing a rush order rather than a standard one. It’s important to remember, however, that a rush order doesn’t always allow for a detailed proofing process and the back-and-forth between us and the customer that is sometimes needed to get stress ball logo printing just right. Whenever possible, it’s best to take the time to create the perfect stress ball, rather than hurrying the process and getting something in hand that doesn’t really represent your organization the way you had hoped it would. We love helping companies, schools, healthcare organizations, and other groups build fantastic, fun, and successful marketing campaigns around stress ball logo printing, and we hope that you will be our next customer! Check out our easy logo upload process, browse our hundreds of effective designs, and let our expertise make your next campaign your best one yet.

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