Let the Logo Stress Balls Competition Begin!

This month, the United States joined many other nations of the world in cheering on their own athletes competing at the Winter Olympics. Sometimes our team wins the gold medal, and other times they miss out as another team puts forth a great effort and wins the day. Judging from the popularity of sports in general, there is something about competition that resonates deeply with us as humans, and we love watching it play out before our eyes.

Logo stress balls are involved in their own type of competition for the entirety of their existence, and not only in the ways you might instantly think of. If you want to think of logo stress balls as athletes (yes, it’s certainly a stretch!), they participate in at least three different “events” as you use them to promote your business or organization. If the design you choose wins the gold in all three areas, the result is a welcome increase in valuable contacts and sales leads.

Event 1: Logo Stress Balls vs. Visual and Print Marketing

This event largely takes place before your logo stress balls actually exist. It’s the process that you go through to decide how you want to allocate your limited marketing budget for its best possible effect. There are many different options available to you, such as traditional print ads in magazines, signage/billboards, video content, and digital media. Digital media is one of the strongest competitors here, as methods like email and paid online advertising continually increase in popularity.

Go for the gold: use logo stress balls for promotion.

Bulk stress balls, though, have an advantage that none of these competitors bring to the table, and that’s physicality. A stress ball is an actual object that you give your new contact, an object that will continue to promote your logo and message long after an email, commercial, or banner ad has faded from memory. Of course, there are some things that print and digital marketing methods can do that logo stress balls can’t, but getting these little physical reminders into the hands of your business contacts is a fantastic way to extend your organization’s influence into the future weeks and months.

There’s one more advantage of logo stress balls over other types of marketing. While ads communicate information, promotional items do something more: provide value. Giving someone a free stress ball doesn’t just ask the contact for something; it gives them a benefit and shows that your company has a genuine concern for its customers. We all know how popular free giveaways are, and the more value those giveaways offer, the more powerful they are in solidifying a long-lasting, positive message for your company.

Event 2: Logo Stress Balls vs. Logo Stress Balls

Once you arrive at the conference, set up your exhibit, and begin greeting visitors, you’ll notice that many of the tables around you also contain stress balls for logo promotion. The goal for you in this event is to make your promotional items stand out from the many others that each of your visitors will see in the course of the conference. Step one is to ensure that the giveaway items you order are high quality and don’t appear to be “cheap.” Factors like color consistency and brand accuracy are key here. It also doesn’t hurt to select a stress ball design that is unexpected, accurately reflecting what your company offers while bringing a smile to the face of your exhibit visitors. A stress ball that hits these goals just right has the power to start a conversation, send the visitor away with a smile, and remind them of that conversation many days later.

Event 3: Logo Stress Balls vs. Time

While starting conversations is a key responsibility of your logo stress balls at the point of contact, they need to do something else once the conference, trade show, or one-on-one meeting is over. They need to find a prominent place to live, in the recipient’s car, office, home, or briefcase. They might employ various strategies to do this. One is simply being so cute, funny, quirky, or popular that the stress ball demands to be placed in a high-visibility location where others can see and enjoy it and where its owner can get a smile from it on a daily basis. Another strategy is to serve a useful purpose, providing a service for its owner. This might not be the first function you think of for bulk stress balls, but our online catalog contains a number of useful designs. Cell phone holders and key chains are two of the major categories here, potentially creating a “hey, I need one of those!” moment and winning themselves a long-term spot in the forefront of the recipient’s mind.

Just as a coach wouldn’t send his athletes into the Olympic Games without the proper training and equipment, you should devote a good amount of attention to the logo stress balls that you ultimately choose to represent your business in the tough competition against other marketing tactics. A great place to start is the online catalog here at 1001stressballs.com. You’ll find shapes and designs to reflect an enormous variety of industries, interests, sports, tech categories, and other factors. You may be looking to promote a special event, a new product, the opening of a new facility, or a newly unveiled corporate logo. Whatever the promotion, there’s a stress ball design in our catalog to catch people’s eyes and give you a chance to talk about it with them.

While our stress balls are extremely affordable, you don’t need to worry that you are compromising on quality. We start with durable materials and offer a web-based customization process that ensures that your logo and message make it from your company to your stress balls looking exactly the same. Color matching and proof review help you make sure that everything is exactly right when you place your order for bulk stress balls in anticipation of your next conference or promotional event. Email us today to get started!

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