Using Stress Balls to Ease Keyboard Pain

In the modern workplace, it seems that almost everyone uses a keyboard. Day in and day out, most employees can be found typing away from 9 to 5 nearly every day. And while the advent of modern computers has made work so much easier, it has also added to new stressors we weren’t once familiar with. Computers can hurt our eyes, office chairs can hurt our backs, and keyboards can hurt our hands.

Thankfully, because of stress balls, you can alleviate much of the nagging wrist and hand pain caused by keyboards. Best of all, there are so many different types of stress balls and ways to buy them. Whether you are purchasing a single stress ball or buying bulk stress balls, you have options to keep your hands – and entire body – feeling so much better.

Why You Need a Stress Ball

A stress ball is a wonderful tool that should be used by anyone who works in an office or any sort of environment that can cause some simple physical stress on the body. While the pain that you might feel after spending a few hours at a keyboard might not seem like a lot, it actually adds up over time.

Indeed, there are many serious issues that can arise from repeated stress on your wrist and hands because of a keyboard. That is why stress balls can be so useful and essential to keep a healthy and happy workforce. Thankfully, entire businesses can provide these wonderful items for their employees without much of a hassle at all. Companies can now purchase bulk stress balls and can also partake in buying stress relief promotional items that can add up to a group of employees that feel good and work well too.

How Often Do You Need to Use a Stress Ball

Stress balls can relieve keyboard pain!

Depending on the sort of work you do, you might only need to use a stress ball once or twice a day. If you find yourself sitting in front of a computer all day, using a keyboard the entire time, you will find immediate relief when you use a stress ball. By simply squeezing firmly, you will notice just how much tension and aches exist in your hand. The first few squeezes might even feel a bit painful as you learn how to use the ball. Soon you will start to feel the benefits of the stress ball. Typing will become easier, rotating and using your wrists will also become easier.

A great idea is to use your stress ball as a way to take a small physical – and mental – break from work. Sit back and relax and use your stress ball to let all sorts of stresses melt away. Not only will your hands and wrists feel better, but your mind will also as well. By using a stress ball, you will alleviate all the issues that are bothering your body, both inside and out. They are called stress balls for multiple reasons, not just because they take care of physical stress that builds up over time. It is true that people who use stress balls often find themselves feeling less stressed out and better equipped for a long day of work without tension or pressure and anxiety. Think of it as therapy for both your body and mind.


Stress balls are used by people all over the world, in all sorts of professions. There is great reason for that, as businesses and employees have discovered just how helpful stress balls can be in preventing chronic pain and stress.

The truth is that everyone needs to use keyboards and computers – they are a vital part of nearly every business. But these wonderful tools can also cause some great aches and pains that can lead to long-term problems. That is why stress balls are so important. These wonderful tools can help you feel less distress and tension and can help generate a workforce that can get their jobs done without feeling anything but pure comfort. Thanks to the creation of bulk stress balls and other stress relief promotional items, an employee sitting at a keyboard all day doesn’t have to feel pain and discomfort when they clock out.

No matter what your stress ball needs are, you should contact us immediately to discuss your options. Peruse our website and buy the stress ball for your needs. Your hands, wrists, and employees will thank you.

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