A successful swag year: Be prepared


Last month 1001Stressballs.com gave you some tips on getting your promotional stress balls ready for tradeshow season, but we want to help you get organized for the whole year. Preparation is key to success, so over the next few months, we’re going to offer you some great ideas for being swag ready.

This month, it’s all about planning!

Think ahead

No matter your industry, you will need various types of promotional items throughout the year. We recommend looking at the events you know in advance you will be attending and making sure you have the numbers you will need up front. Ordering swag like stress balls in bulk can be an advantage because you will have one less thing to think about before each event.

1001Stressballs always encourages early ordering because of the lead time required for customization and shipping, but now it’s even more important than ever. As the US continues to be affected by the trade negotiations with China, we just never know how pricing and timing for imports may be affected in the future. Being prepared early in the year with your promotional giveaways will keep you from having to think about these elements in the equation down the road.

Before you order, though, be sure to check out all of the posts in this series, as we will give some great information about ways to be specific and purposeful in the designs and colors you choose.

To help get you in the mindset for planning, we’ve listed just a few “seasons” you might want to think about as you’re preparing your marketing strategy for the year.

  • March Madness and other sporting events that may coincide with your event
  • Awareness months (March is National Nutrition Month, and April is National Autism Awareness Month, for example)
  • College and university open houses

These suggestions may not be appropriate for every industry, but we hope we’re getting your wheels turning for ideas that may suit your needs.

Remember: the key to a successful trade show is being prepared in advance. Order your custom stress balls today!

trade shows
Be prepared for trade shows and conventions with custom stress balls.

Other ways to be prepared

We know that being prepared for conferences and events isn’t just about giveaways. A lot goes into attending an event, so we’re offering this checklist to help you make sure you have everything you need, whether you’re manning a vendor table, presenting, or networking at cocktail hour.

Table prep:

  • Table cover and signage
  • Business cards
  • Company literature
  • Pens and email opt-in or raffle
  • A bag or container to store contact info and materials from leads (Pro tip: You can always take pictures of business cards with your phone.)
  • 1001Stressballs squeezable giveaways, obviously

Presentation prep

  • Presentation visuals (saved on your computer, the cloud, and a portable drive. YES! All of those places. You never know what kind of technical issues might come your way.)
  • Attendee materials and handouts
  • More business cards
  • 1001Stressballs squeezable giveaways (We’ve used them as icebreakers to start the conversation and as prizes to encourage attendee engagement and participation)

Networking prep

  • Breath mints
  • Even more business cards
  • Company literature
  • 1001Stressballs squeezable giveaways for everyone who hasn’t seen you yet

Organizing and travelling

  • Ship materials in advance. This can be a cheaper option that checking tons of baggage at the airport, and it means you will be less likely to leave something behind.
  • Organize your materials
    • Think about using separate bags or containers for each kind of item: One bag for business cards and/or company literature, one for your table cover and sign, one for pens and mints, one for extras of everything, etc.
    • Alternatively, pack separate bags designated for each part of the conference: One bag for table time, one for your presentation, and one for networking time. Then you can grab what you need from your room all at once. Again, you’re less likely to forget something you’ll need that day.

If you would like a printable version of this list, download this PDF!

We hope these preparation tips have been useful, and we encourage you to join us over the next two months for ideas on being specific and purposeful in your stress ball purchasing. You want to make a great first impression, and we can help you do that.

Can’t wait for next month’s post? Reach out to us today about your promotional product needs.


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