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It’s almost January again, and that means only one thing. No, not that it’s time to join a gym we know we won’t visit come February. It’s almost trade show season! At, we love this time of year because we get to share so many great ideas with our customers who are looking for the perfect custom stress balls to use as promotional products.

As you head into planning mode for your promotional products, keep these tips in mind.

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Make it appealing

We’ve all been there. Standing at the exhibit booth, waiting for someone to make eye contact with us or our product or service. Trying to walk the line between being approachable and creepy (like the kiosk people at the mall who will chase you with a lotion sample or hair accessory to make a sale). We know trade shows are for generating leads and forming relationships, but that opening line can be tough.

For some of our more introverted customers, one of the many benefits of having a really great custom stress ball is that it can do that awkward work for them! If your promotional product is appealing and attractive and attention grabbing, you don’t have to be!

crowd stands for stress balls
Stand out from the crowd with a custom stress ball from

That’s why we encourage all of our customers to browse our site or contact us directly to find a great design that works with their branding, message, and purpose, as well as calls out to potential clients all on their own.

Make it permanent

A good promotional product is one that stays visible because it is useful or meaningful. That permanence keeps your brand and your great first impression in your customers’ minds. When it comes to stress balls, design matters.

Think about your audience and where they are most of the day. Do you work with desk sitters? They might be more likely to hold on to something that won’t roll away. Maybe a custom stress ball that isn’t really a ball! Not only do we offer lots of creature figures that stand on their own, but we can also customize the shape of your item into a word or logo that isn’t easily lost or overlooked.

Does your audience spend a lot of time travelling from place to place? Perhaps you want a squeezable that sits nicely in a cup holder or car console for those frustrating heavy traffic jams. Who doesn’t want to work out some tension on a car-shaped stress ball with a strategically placed logo on it? And once that tension is squeezed out, they can reach out about that business matter you started discussing at the show because your contact info is right there!

Order lots!

We wish each of our customers lots of success each conference season, and we often encourage them to order their custom stress balls in bulk to ensure they have enough to go around. This season, however, we are thinking in economic terms, too.

None of us know what the ongoing tariff negotiations will bring in 2020, and we want to be sure our customers are well stocked and locked in with a low price before things change. Our design and ordering processes are not short ones because we believe there are no shortcuts with quality products, so we encourage you to contact us today to get your order started!

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Have fun

Whether you are starting a custom design from scratch, changing the colors on one of our stock items, or simply adding your information via decal, we want you to enjoy designing your item. We work closely with our customers through each step of the process because quality and customer satisfaction are important to us.

Our company motto – “We’re Serious About Service!” – isn’t just a catchy phrase for us. It’s a promise.

In a competitive market like the one we work in today, we remain successful by offering quality custom stress balls at great prices and by backing up every order – big or small – with our commitment to customer service and the personal touch.

We are a family run business and do not take our customers for granted. In fact, we treat you the way that we’d like to be treated in sales.

Contact us to start your trade show prep today! We can’t wait to work with you.

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