Benefits of Stress Balls for First-Time College Students

College students, especially first-time college students, can easily fall into patterns that create unnecessary stress. The combination of being away from family, learning to study, and the task of making new friends can lead to maximum stress. Our promotional stress balls can be extremely effective in helping college students with stress, as well as market your brand and company.

While stress is often unavoidable, the ways we cope with stress can evolve into great life practices that will benefit us in every area of life. Handing out promotional stress balls on college campuses can be one simple way of teaching college students a great way to manage the stress of this new university life.

Why Give College Students Stress Balls?

Stress balls are highly portable and can be thrown into a backpack with ease. This means a student can bring it with them wherever they go and use it as needed. It will also bring awareness to other students when they see a fellow student or roommate squeezing your stress ball.

Stress balls can also be fun and custom-made! As well as stress balls with logos, we also have stress balls that can be made to look like college mascots. This is a perfect gift to give to a new college student. You’re giving them college swag as well as a powerful strategy to cope with stress.

As well as mascots, stress balls can virtually be made in any shape or size. A goofy or bright-colored stress ball could make students feel at ease as they make their way to their first seminar or job interview.

Stress Balls to Promote Internships

If your company regularly hires college students for internships or summer jobs, giving out promotional stress balls can be a powerful marketing tool.

It can raise awareness about your company and the opportunities it can give to current students. It also promotes your business as a company that promotes mental awareness and stress coping awareness as well. College students would love to work for a company that they know will encourage a stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

Promoting Counseling Services

Almost every college student could benefit from counseling or therapy services at one time or another. It is healthy for college students to talk to a professional about stress they may have or other feelings that are bothering them.

If you own a counseling company or other psychiatric practice, giving out stress balls at the local college campus could be a great way to gain business as well as help students. Try using fun and noticeable promotional stress ball that students will remember!

Stress Balls as a Study Tool

New studies have shown that stress balls can increase attention and memory. They can also help with fidgeting when sitting in class or trying to study in the library.

Most people chew on a pen cap while studying or bounce their legs out of nervousness or anxious habit. Squeezing a stress ball while studying can take away these other bad habits and replace them with something productive.

Squeezing the stress ball can also increase a student’s attention and memory, which means that using the stress ball while studying could make them better prepared for that test that is coming up. Advertising the stress ball as a study tool will also drastically increase the chance that the college student will use it after grabbing it from you and heading home.

Focus on the Health Promotions

Giving out stress balls is a fantastic gift at the university health clinic, health events going on at campus, or to have at the counseling center. Students will be more likely to take them if they know of the added health benefits as well.

Of course, they help with stress, but what else can they do? Stress balls can drastically help with carpal tunnel syndrome. This may not be a huge concern for young students, but with all the typing and texting, using a stress ball can take away some of the nasty symptoms associated with the disease.

All in all, stress balls at college are a fast and effective way to promote stress awareness and teach students how to effectively manage the side effects of stressful college life.

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