Using Stress Balls at Your Counseling or Doctor’s Practice

As a counselor or doctor, you are probably well aware of the way that stress can affect our minds and bodies. Stress can also manifest itself into physical symptoms that then cause us to seek medical or counseling advice.

Using custom stress balls as a coping strategy can be a great addition to your workplace, both for patients as well as your employees. A custom stress ball can also remind someone about your clinic or practice so that they are more likely to return when they need additional help with something else.

The Design of Your Stress Ball

We have custom designs as well as many other options to choose from. You can get a stress ball with your clinic’s name on it, or one with the head doctor’s name on it. We can also make custom options in the form of a doctor or another medical device.

If you are a dentist, you can get a tooth stress ball. Neurologists can even get a brain stress ball. You can also get a printed logo for your clinic.

Giving the Stress Ball to Patients

Giving away a small gift to patients or having a place where they can take them from the receptionist’s desk is key. People love to have a little small free item from their places of interest or the places that they visit often.

It can also be a great addition to their visit to your practice. Patients know that doctors and counselors suffer from growing stress because of their busy schedules and being constantly on the go. You can encourage patients to use stress balls by showing that you also use them to cope with stressful feelings.

Giving them to coworkers and employees can also encourage patients to take them and use them because they see your workers using them or having them on their desks.

Many dentists have also started throwing in a custom stress ball with their toothbrushes and floss kits for patients. This lets the patient take home a product that won’t be thrown in the trash after a few uses as a small tube of toothpaste does.

It will give them a lasting product from your clinic to remind them to schedule their next appointment.

custom stress balls

Imagine some stress balls on that table!

Using Stress Balls as a Promotional Product

With custom-made stress balls, you can also use them as an effective advertising product. This will allow you to promote your practice to current and future patients.

If you are attending an event or hosting a booth at a fundraising event, you can also have the stress balls as a giveaway and serve as a reminder of where your clinic is and what they do.

It is also a great thing to hand out at a college campus, especially if you have a counseling clinic or a clinic that promotes mental health awareness. Many college students seek counseling during their college years because it is a stressful time in life.

You can help raise awareness of your clinic by having promotional stress balls to share with students on campus.

A promotional stress ball will also help keep patients up to date with appointments and checkups. They will see the stress ball in their house or go to pick it up when they need it and remember to make their next appointment with your clinic.

Encouraging Patients With Stress Balls

Not only do stress balls raise awareness of your clinic, but they also let a patient know you are there for them and their needs. With our custom stress balls, you can include a phone number as part of your information to help people access you easier.

If you own a mental health clinic and have 24-hour hotlines, you can also include this on the stress ball. This way people feel encouraged to contact you when they need help or advice.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of clinic or practice you own, a custom stress ball can be a great promotional product and help encourage your patients to continue visiting you with their needs. You can view and choose one of our existing products or make one special for your company.

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