How to Choose the Perfect Promotional Stress Ball Design

As a classic promotional feature, stress balls are commonly printed with business information and use a fun way to remind potential customers and clients that you are there for any of their needs within your industry. While the traditional round ball shape is quite popular now there are hundreds of different fun designs and shapes that can really help to effectively market to your target audience. With so many different options, it can be tricky to figure out which one is perfect for your given field. Let’s take a look at how to choose the perfect promotional stress ball design before your next stress balls bulk order and see if we can make the choice a little bit easier.

What Do You Do?

Considering what you do can really help you choose the Perfect Design. If you work in Roofing or Home Design perhaps consider one ship like a little house. Construction businesses could do things like work truck shaped stress balls or opted for something a little more fun with a construction worker shape!

Projecting exactly what you do with the promotional items that you hand out can really help people to remember you and take note of your presence. Think of something that signifies your field or is commonly associated with it and go with something along those lines.

Stress balls

Stress balls are one of the most commonly selected promotional tools due to their fun and functional nature

If people automatically think of your industry when they look at something of that design, they’re more likely to recognize you as an option within that given field. This is a simple and common association based marketing trick that has shown some pretty significant results!

If there is nothing that exactly fits your field available or nothing that you like you can always opt for a classic basic design like a star, a ball, or something similar basic option. These shapes suit a wide range of different niches and can all be used interchangeably. These are great classic fallbacks that are always a hit in promotional campaigns. As they say, sometimes nothing beats the classics.

Use The Psychology of Color

A lot of businesses often choose specific color schemes to help portray the sort of ambiance they are offering. Classic, office work-driven businesses often choose neutral tones or dark tones or crisp clean lines to portray a sort of cutting-edge or professional appeal.

Restaurants that offer family meals often will choose brighter colors to try and appeal to families. Similarly, businesses that are delivering will often use the lighter tones or even favor a more pinkish or purple tone to try an appeal directly to what is stereotypically associated as feminine.

This tactic, known as gender marketing, often uses blues or blacks to appear masculine while drawing in male customers. Marketing campaigns targeting women audiences often opt for favoring the aforementioned pink and purple tones to attract female customers.

Researching the psychology of color and understanding how color impacts how we perceive businesses and things we interact with on a daily basis is a great way to get a leg up on designing the perfect promotional stress ball for your next stress balls bulk order. If you want your marketing campaign to be effective, catering directly to your target audience is probably your smartest route.

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Using gender marketing or color psychology can be especially beneficial if you were going with one of the more simplistic shapes or one of the classic options. This method can still help convey the message and overall feeling of your business.

Even classic stress balls in different colors can work this way despite being just a typical round ball, especially if you match it to the colors of your business’s overall theme or opt for something that suits your industry well.

The 1001 Stress Ball Difference

1001 Stress Balls offers a wide range of custom shapes, colors, and print options, allowing you to fully create something that suits your business’s needs and message. Regardless of what you are looking for, we have something that will be the perfect fit; it is just a matter of finalizing your design!

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