Maximize Your Imprint With Custom Stress Balls Beyond The Event


In May, we talked about maximizing your imprint with promotional stress balls (including brain stress balls, which is my personal favorite) by using them to connect with the customer. Last month, we talked about how to make a fantastic impression at all your marketing events.

And this month (the third in this series of blog posts), we’ll talk about how to continue to make an impression on your customers long after you take your exhibit booth down.

Did you know 79% of people who receive a promotional product think of doing business with the company?

Customers LOVE to get promotional products. Stress balls are a terrific way to gain a competitive edge because you can put them right where you want them—into your customers’ hands.

And because of that, you can get your marketing message more easily get into their minds.

Besides—who in their right mind is going to pass up a freebie?  This intense desire to get something for nothing makes the power of promotional products virtually limitless!

So, all those people you handed out stress balls to at your event will HOPEFULLY, by now, be thinking of your business every time they squeeze it.

That’s great news! However, just because your event is over doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your stress balls. There are so many other ways to use them to build brand awareness!

Here are some ways to use them after your marketing extravaganza comes to an end:

  1. Give out stress balls on your website.

Offer custom stress balls on your website when someone signs up for your email list, makes a minimum purchase, or answers a survey about a product or service.

You can try printing a landing page URL on your stress balls. That way, you can better track their effectiveness because you’ll know EXACTLY where your traffic is coming from.

Maximize Your Imprint With Custom Stress Balls
Maximize Your Imprint With Custom Stress Balls Beyond The Event

You can use different URLs depending on how you want to segment your audience.

  1. Hand them out in your brick-and-mortar store.

Just like with your website, you can give them out if a customer makes a minimum purchase.

You can even print a coupon code right on the stress ball to drum up repeat business! Just make sure it’s the type of coupon that never expires.

  1. Use them as ice breakers for difficult clients.

Every business has clients that are difficult to get through to. It’s almost as if these customers have erected an invisible force field that repels all your tireless marketing efforts.

Next time you see them, toss them a fun stress ball, and watch their face light up!

  1. Give them out to members of the press.

You can hand stress balls out to journalists who won’t listen to you unless you have bad news to tell them. This should make getting them to issue a press release just a tad bit easier.

You can either show up in person (the most effective way) and give it to them or send it as part of a press kit.

Your choice!

  1. Use stress balls creatively in social media campaigns.

Stress balls can be an effective component of social media campaigns. For example, you can give them away to customers who post photos of themselves using your product.

You can give them a complimentary stress ball or two if they like a post, comment on an Instagram ad, or answer a question you posted.

  1. Pass out custom stress balls at a product launch.

Custom stress balls are a great accompaniment to any product launch.

For example, if you’re launching a fantastic new cooking gizmo that revolutionizes the way food is prepared, you can hand out one of our Chef Bert squeezes with your logo printed on it.

That, coupled with a killer marketing presentation, will get attendees to sit up and take notice!

  1. Print QR codes on custom stress balls to tell your brand story.

By adding a QR code to a custom stress ball, you’ll convey this message way better than a magazine ad, television commercial, or billboard ever could.

That’s because you can have the QR code link to a landing page where you tell your brand story in depth without having to deal with commercial ad limitations.

  1. Use custom stress balls for special occasions.

Think of seasonal ways you can use custom stress balls to get the word out about your business.

Saturday, August 8th, is International Cat Day. So, if you own a feline boarding and grooming facility, you can have some fat cat squeezies custom made to give to customers on this day.


When choosing promotional products for your business, you need to select intriguing products that’ll make a SPECTACULAR impression on people.

1001 Stress Balls has these types of products! They’re MUCH more fun than the usual merchandise that fails to convey your brand messaging in a way that excites customers.

Stress balls give clients a positive perception of your brand. This increases the chances they’ll buy from you. They can make a more significant impression than other forms of advertising such as magazine, online, or radio ads.

That’s because it’s a tangible product that gets a lot of use—especially in this stressful time. And it has your company’s name right on it!

The average promotional item is kept for five months. Other forms of advertising are more ephemeral. This means your audience is more likely to remember a witty stress ball marketing message than a newspaper ad.

Most people remember a company for up to two years after receiving a promotional product!

Custom stress balls are inexpensive, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Analyze your investment return, and you’ll see that using stress balls in all your marketing campaigns is well worth it!


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