Stress: It’s Clearly Not Going Away By Itself

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. We all get stressed sometimes, be it from a bad day at work or a sudden, unplanned expense. Anything that throws a kink into the machine of life can really make us feel anxious and antsy, especially for those in quarantine. Having an outlet to deal with this stress is a great way to release the tension in a healthy and positive manner. Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite way to squeeze out the stress: stress balls! We will also discuss how to order promotional stress balls for all of the stressed-out people attending your events.

Who Needs Stress Balls?

A better question is: who doesn’t? Stress balls are the perfect little squishy outlet that works to release the stress and tension in your body by giving you something to squeeze. This may be a simplistic approach but it certainly works, especially if you need a silent way to get out that anxious energy. This is a viable way to decrease the nervous energy and work out the stress in a way that is not disruptive or otherwise even noticeable. As a discreet option, stress balls are widely popular in office and educational settings since they provide the perfect safe, concealable outlet.

Stress can completely overtake your life

The idea is simple but effective: you redirect the stress and anxiety in your brain into the repetitive movement of squeezing the ball. Since the ball is small, it can easily be brought to most places. This small size also makes it the perfect marketing tool for events like business meetings, job fairs, and meetings with potential college students, (most of which is taking place online now) as it provides something that will functionally assist them in the future while also showcasing your organization.

As part of the new remote environment, you can send out stress balls to your students, employees, clients, and whoever else needs this perfect stress relief tool. This gives people something that will functionally assist them in the future while also showcasing your organization. Due to this, many businesses and schools are choosing to purchase bulk stress balls to send out in the mail for upcoming online events like webinars and other meetings.

Navigating the Pandemic Panic

Now, especially, more people are experiencing severe stress. We are in a wholly unprecedented time and are dealing with a lot of scary things so the stress is natural. Even more so, it is harder to get out business proposals or college recruiting information, among other things, since face-to-face interactions are limited. It makes sense that now would be a good time to pick up some promotional stress balls to ship out with a business proposal or college information packet.

Everyone is dealing with this tough time, so a little extra item thrown into a packet can make a massive lasting difference, especially with those who are experiencing the anxiety of choosing a new school or committing to invest in a business during the unstable economic experience we currently exist within.

Promotional stress balls are the perfect size to toss into a bubble mailer with some additional information and ship out. Plus, as a part of common office culture, they will likely travel around, spreading your business or entity’s name around as they do. In a time where marketing is also limited, this is perhaps one of the smartest moves you can make.

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